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The Back of a Brand-New SFPD Police Car Doesn’t Look Too Comfy – Economy-Class Legroom – Hard Plastic Seats

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Is there a Ford in your Future?

Let’s hope it’s not this one:

P1290280 copy


A Call for Artists: Sue-Happy “SF Beautiful” Org + SFMTA’s MUNI Buses = A Chance to Display Your Art

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Let’s see if I can pay off on this headline here.

San Francisco Beautiful is a 501(c)(3) what likes to sue us, the People of San Francisco. Last I saw, they got spanked by some appellate judges and the Wealthy Wizened White people of SFB said they were weighing their options, oh well.

And MUNI, well that’s America’s Slowest Big-City Transit System, right? (Ask about our hidebound ‘work-rules’ what have accumulated over the years – we’ve got a lot!”)

Put them together and you’ve got the ‘MUNI Art’ Call for Artists.

And here’s your compensation:

“This is a high visibility opportunity for artists to have their work seen by thousands of persons daily”

Oh, and maybe you’ll make a couple thou to boot.

Also, resumes are required.

Now an art car has had its exterior prettified, made beautiful, but an “art bus” looks just like any other bus, oh well. Your winning piece won’t be seen by the millions outside of MUNI buses, oh no, oh well. (And please note that your art can’t promote the use of cars as transportation, under MUNI’s advertising rules. Hey, why not make your bus art an image of an art bus? It could work!)

Have at it:

Call for Artists
San Francisco Beautiful presents: MUNI Art
Application Deadline: June 19, 2015
Project Description
SF Beautiful is inviting artists to create original artwork to be digitally reproduced for display within 50 Muni Art buses in San Francisco this fall (2015).The artist will retain ownership of the artwork. This is a new initiative of SF Beautiful, in partnership with SFMTA. This is a high visibility opportunity for artists to have their work seen by thousands of persons daily.
5 winning designs will be selected by a public vote from a pool of pre qualified finalists. Each of the 5 artists will have their work displayed in 10 buses for a period of three months. No advertising will be displayed in the buses during this period.
Applicants must live in one of the following Bay Area counties:
• Alameda County
• Contra Costa County
• Marin County
• Napa County
• San Francisco County
• San Mateo County
• Santa Clara County
• Solano County
• Sonoma County
Artists who are selected as finalists are encouraged to develop designs that are evocative of “The Spirit of San Francisco.”
This can be broadly interpreted and should be appropriate for the context in which it will be displayed.
Selection Process
Stage 1:
Complete applications will be vetted by a Review Committee comprised of local gallery owners and art institutions.
Applications will be considered based on their eligibility, application materials, and adherence to SFMTA’s advertising policy, on pages 4 & 5.
Stage 2:
Finalists will submit initial designs that will be presented to the public through an online voting system.
Applications must include the following:
1. 1-page project proposal including:
a. Project Description (text only, no visuals of project at this time)
b. How your project relates to the theme – “The Spirit of San Francisco”
c. If your project will be continuous or multiple panels (example on page 3)
2. 1-page resume
3. No more than 4 images of previous work (submitted as Microsoft Word or PDF document)
a. Include medium, dimensions, date, and a brief description for each image

The People Behind the New, “New Market” “NeMa” Building are Unusual – Meet the Chief Designer

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

I’ll tell you, the marketing for the NeMA Building is strange, man.

And the people behind it are the strangest to hit town ever.

Check it, here and here.

Now it’s time to “meet The Designer” 

Don’t click to expand

Oh wait, somebody Photoshopped Soviet rocket engineer Sergei Korolev, the so-called “Chief Designer,” into the shot.

Aw, that’s not right!

Now here we go, the real shot, the Chief Designer of the NeMa: “Step Inside the NEMA North Tower Two-Bedroom Model with Interior Designer Liza Evans.”

But who are the other people, the dramatic people? IDK.

All right, now let’s sell some units here:

“Q: Name 3 Feng Shui tips you’d give someone moving into the 2 BDR+Den model floor plan in the new North Tower.”

OK fine.

I’ll tell you, Old Market Street didn’t have any of the feng shui.

Good luck in the Twitterloin, NeMA!

I bought at NeMA
I live on the second floor
I live upstairs from you
Yes I think you’ve seen me before

Area Man Enjoys His 1960 Buick Le Sabre Convertible in the Western Addition

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Looks like he should have a cigar but he’s making do with a cigarette:

Click to expand

Meh: Meet Your Boeing 737 “Next Generation” Workhorse with New “Sky Interior”

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

I don’t know, there’s not much you can do with an older aircraft design like the Boeing 737. Anyway, this is it, your new “Sky Interior.”

See the scalloping by the windows? And the bins, they’re new. And they use LED lights to mimic the blue of the sky. It can also do the warm glow of sunrise.

O.K., Boeing.

Fly AirBerlin:

Click to expand

The saving grace for this airplane is that it’s signif. lighter than the Airbus 320. That will have to do until Big B redoes the 737.

All the deets:

New interior options for the 737NG in 2010 included the 787-style Boeing Sky Interior. Designed using Boeing’s new cabin concepts, the Sky Interior features sculpted sidewalls and redesigned window housings, along with increased headroom and LED mood lighting. Larger pivot-bins similar to those on the 777 and 787 have more luggage space than prior designs. The Sky Interior is also designed to improve cabin noise levels by 2-4 dB. The first 737 equipped with the Boeing Sky Interior was delivered to Flydubai in the fourth quarter of 2010. TUIFly and Continental Airlines have also taken delivery of Sky Interiors.”

Reading Comic Books and Sucking Down Coca-Colas in North Beach – Good Times with nettie r. harris and Mikey Baratta

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Not half bad, mikey Baratta PHOTOGRAPHIC, not half bad:

mikey Baratta PHOTOGRAPHIC, click to expand


San Francisco’s Worst NIMBY-Historical-Neighborhood Group of 2010 Has Got to Be “Save Stow Lake”

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

I don’t know, numerous people have told me that the people behind the Save Stow Lake website/group/social movement have been paid off by the long-time tenant of the place, but I don’t have any evidence of that except for the monomaniacal focus the people behind the group manifest.

I’ve seen a lot of NIMBY / homeowner / historical groups in my day, but these people take the cake.

Could it be parody, or performance art? Maybe somebody wants to tarnish ALL historical groups? I can’t tell…

Click to expand.

Anyway, have at it, see if you can tell from their latest missive. Enjoy:

Save the Stow Lake Boathouse Coalition
It’s not over yet!

The lease has not yet been approved by the Board of Supervisors and there are many reasons it should not be approved.

Supervisor Eric Mar sold out thousands of his constituents and began fast tracking thedeeply flawed lease to a New Mexico based souvenir chain with no boating experienceNINE days BEFORE the Rec & Park Commission voted to approve it. In spite of overwhelming opposition from the community and a lease that gives the New Mexico chain a discount, is full full of inaccuracies and embedded with high hidden costs to the taxpayers, Mar is sponsoring this lease. WHY?
Contact Supervisor Eric Mar [Redacted]

Phil Ginsburg, Rec & Park General Manager, says “every dollar counts” and that Rec & Park has a huge deficit, which is why he lays off gardeners, rec directors for our kids… but on Dec. 2nd, Rec & Park refused the New Mexico chain’s offer to pay an extra $175k guaranteed rent each year! Clearly Rec & Park staff Phil Ginsburg & Nick Kinsey, failed to negotiate the best terms available to San Franciscans who are facing a huge budget deficit and our giving business and our boathouse to an out-of-state company.

Stow Lake Boathouse “Nominated” for Landmark Status? – The Exterior and Interior Both? – Planning Commission to Review?

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

[UPDATE: Per Sarah Ballard, Director of Policy and Public Affairs at San Francisco Recreation and Parks, “no formal action had been taken” by the Planning Department as to landmarking the inside, the outside or any side of the Stow Lake Boathouse. Apparently, this process would have to be initiated at a hearing and that hasn’t happened yet. Apparently, Planning staff regards the information they’ve just received about Stow Lake as being merely a letter from a constituent, something that doesn’t necessarily need a reply. And apparently, all of Golden Gate Park could at some point become an “Historic District,” so maybe there’s some confusion over that. We’ll see how this all shakes out…]

[UPDATE II: An [alleged, see Comments] area millionaire feels it’s her right to make up stuff and post it to the web – see her comments in the Comments. She’s good at making and spending money, and she’s into historic preservation, evidenced by her spending up to seven figures on one house just for the pleasure, but she’s not good at making cohesive arguments. One wonders why she herself doesn’t just kick in six figures for the boathouse the way that “evil,” “out of state” corporation has already volunteered to do. One wonders….]

The latest salvo in the battle over the Boathouse at Stow Lake has done been fired. Check it, from the webpages of

“11/3/10 Update: The formal nomination for the Stow Lake Boathouse to be designated as a local landmark has been made.* In the months to come it will be reviewed by SF Planning Department Preservation staff and the Historic Preservation Commission. The nomination is for landmark designation of BOTH the interior and the exterior of the boathouse.”

Landmark status, here we come?

Click to expand

Of course, pretty much anybody can raise the idea of nominating anything for anything, right? In that sense, this gambit is similar to gang founder Stanley “Tookie” Williams being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize back in the day.

And landmark status can be tough to get, right? Oh well.

Anyway, this will be just more grist for the mill in the seemingly endless process to get the Boathouse off of a month-to-month lease, something that’s been costing San Francisco beaucoup bucks for years.

Speaking of which, there’ll be a couple of meetings concerning the Boathouse coming up. Appears as if the people at don’t want to tell you about tonight’s get-together (something to do with alleged improper notice) but it’s your choice:

First Meeting:
Date: Wednesday November 3, 2010
Time: 7PM
Location: Hall of Flowers (County Fair Building)

Second Meeting:
Date: Monday November 8, 2010
Time: 1PM
Location: Hall of Flowers (County Fair Building)

On It Goes…

*I’ll note the use of passive voice here. My understanding is that one of these people below would be needed to get any landmarking process started. Don’t see anything about this on today’s agenda anyway. And isn’t there a movement afoot to landmark the entire Golden Gate Park, as opposed to doing it piecemeal? Mmmm.

Alan Martinez

SEAT 1 Historic Architect

512 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

415-626-9379 (W)
415-626-9389 (Fax)

Andrew Wolfram

SEAT 2 Historic Architect

Perkins + Will
185 Berry Street
Lobby One, Suite 5100
San Francisco, CA 94107

415-546-2914 (W)
415-856-3001 (Fax)

Charles Edwin Chase

SEAT 3 Architectural Historian

Architectural Resource Group
Pier 9, Embarcadero, Suite 109
San Francisco, CA 94111

415-421-1680 (W)
415-421-0127 (Fax)

James M. Buckley

SEAT 4 Historian

1650 Mission Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

415-786-2885 (W)
415-681-4542 (H)

Courtney Damkroger

SEAT 5 Preservation Professional
Vice President

2626 Hyde Street
San Francisco, CA 94109

415-923-0920 (H)

Karl Hasz

SEAT 6 General Contractor

1650 Mission Street, Suit 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

Diane Matsuda

SEAT 7 At Large

John Burton Foundation
235 Montgomery Street, Suite 1142
San Francisco, CA 94104

415-693-1321 (Direct Line)
415-348-0011 (W)
415-348-0099 (Fax)

The Curious Architecture of Our Cabrillo Street Safeway – Entryway Looks Like an Air Traffic Control Tower, Non?

Friday, October 15th, 2010

This is the scene at the Safeway on 7th and Cabrillo. Doesn’t the entrance look like an air traffic control tower?

Click to expand

(Appears as if the windows are cinder blocks, else the place could make a nice in-law apartment, right? A set of stairs or an elevator and you’d be all set.)

I don’t know, maybe the NIMBYs of the Inner Richmond demanded the funky design, or maybe Safeway did it that way thinking it was doing us a favor.

No matter, the NIMBY’s of the East Bay (they’re called Stakeholders* over there, for some reason) seem to consider our Cabrillo Safeway something of a paragon, what with its “state-of-the-art Lifestyle Interior” ‘n stuff.

Now, for some reason, the longest waiting time I’ve ever experienced at a Costco seems to be about the average waiting time at this particular store, don’t know why.

But don’t leave us, Safeway #2646 (the way that Albertsons done.) We still love you no matter how goofy those meddlesome homeowners associations made you look.

If Safeway works on these unannounced inspection violations, it’ll be fine:

019 (CFR) Inadequate/Inaccessible handwashing facilities & supplies 
020 (CFR) Improper hot/cold holding temperatures 
033 (CFR) Foods not separated or protected 
041 (CFR) Foods improperly labeled or misrepresented 
042 (CFR) Non Food Contact Surface Unclean 
054 (CFR) Floors, Walls, Ceilings Improperly constructed, in disrepair, not clean 
056 (CFR) Permit/Inspection Not Posted 
062 (CFR) Other – (Specify in report)

That was from a year ago, tho. I’m sure they’ve righted the ship by now.

We Can Only Hope…

*A taste of what Safeway Inc. has to deal with in the 510, after the jump.


San Francisco’s Very Own Blair Witch Forest – the Spooky Interior Park Belt

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

If you ever want to feel suddenly transported away from the City, you should head on up to Medical Center Way (aka Upper Service Road) and then venture into the spooky Interior Park Belt.

It’s just up from where Jerry Brown raises money and just down the hill from where the old SF-89C Nike missile control center used to be, up on Mount Sutro.

Click to expand:

IMG_6950 copy

Mind the poison oak.

If you search the Flickr this arresting photo is the first result – but of course putting Interior Park Belt in quote marks narrows things down considerably.

Speaking of Flickr, be on the lookout for Flickers.

See you out there…