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Fell and Masonic Update: Drivers Still Oblivious to Recent Changes

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Well this is how it’s going at the infamous intersection of Fell and Masonic these days. Drivers who should know better, just keep trucking on through their red no left turn light.

Like this fellow, for instance. You’d think the driver from the five-star-rated UCSF shuttle van / bus / limousine / whatever-you-call-it service would get used to the changes after encountering them multiple times a day. But he appeared to be oblivious.

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Now it might be different in other parts of the world, like in Germany or wherever, but in California driving effectively is a right, not a privilege. The architects of this intersection appear to expect too much from the addled, already-overworked minds of typical drivers.

Isn’t there a way to make things simpler for drivers?

The Zig Zag Roofs of San Francisco’s Valencia Street

Friday, February 6th, 2009

As seen at Valencia Street and 24th Street in the Mission Mission District District.

It doesn’t get much more zig zaggy than that.

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