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Awesome Video: It’s a Jet Ski Critical Mass – Cruising Flooded Long Island Town During Hurricane Irene Aftermath

Friday, September 2nd, 2011


“Long Islander responds to Hurricane Irene in most Long Island way possible: with jet skis and Linkin Park”

In San Francisco, Critical Mass has become a term synonymous with ignoring red lights,* right?

Now, what if you could critical mass in a flooded town on a Jet Ski?

That’s gotta be the flattest town in all creation. (Alluvial plain?) Don’t try this on Market Street, you know, post-global warming – it’s got slight rises that would ruin your Jet Ski fun.

This video only has 139K views?

It should have more by now, IMO.

*Now, I’ll admit CM treats red lights a bit differently, but, in my book, ignoring red lights = ignoring red lights.