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Wasteful SFMTA is Now Making Money Off Of Sidecar Ads – Isn’t It Ironic? – Dont’cha Think?

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Like rain on your wedding day, our ineffectual SFMTA is now taking money from hated interloping  rival Sidecar:

Click to expand

Oh Ed Reiskin, will you ever win?

Bonus: Much whiter teeth than what you’ll find on MUNI, passenger and driver alike

A Ford Pinto Being Driven Unironically on the Streets of San Francisco

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Never thought I’d see it but, yesterday, this aging Ford Pinto Runabout was being driven on the streets of San Francisco in a non-ironic fashion – as if it were a normal car!

Only In San Francisco. Click to expand – note whitewall tires:

Confer the similar AMC Pacer being driven the normal way, in an ironic fashion, around Lowest Haight near horrible Octavia Boulevard. See the difference?

NB: If this Pacer were a Pinto, the flames would be coming out of the rear wheel well, instead of the front. About which more anon.

Now, Wikipedia says some Pintos were built just across the bay in Richmond(!), CA. See that monstrous building with the solar panels? That was the haunted Ford factory, back in the day. But didn’t this factory close down back in ’55, 15 years before the Pinto era? Think so. 

Anywho, maybe the Pinto wasn’t all that unsafe after all (compared to other cars in its class at the time), despite that Pulitzer-winning Mother Jones magazine bit/press conference back in 1977 and the received wisdom of today. Regardless, flaming “Pinto Madness” inspired the Gene Hackman / Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio film called Class Action– that was the 1991 movie shot in San Francisco that had absolutely, positively nothing to do with any kind of class action lawsuit. Anywho.

Keep on truckin’, yellow Pinto lady!

The Crushed Cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Littering NOPA – Ironic or Not?

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Gritty Divisadero Street in the North of Panhandle Area (NoPA) part of the western Western Addition has a bunch of crushed aluminum beer cans strewn about these days. 

Is that a sign that the area needs more attention from the Redevelopment Department or, alternatively, is it a sign that things are on the up because the ironic-beer-drinking post-collegiate crowd has decended upon the area?

I’ve drawn my conclusion, but you, take a look and make the call yourself.

The needlessly-widened medians under construction play host to lots of cans of the PBR:

IMG_0998 copy

(NB: There’s a big hint in there.) Click to expand.