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60 Show for Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi’s Anti-Whaling Protest at City Hall

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

About 60 people (including two dressed up as cetaceans, plus two dogs – of course, dogs love whales) showed for San Francisco’s part of today’s statewide protest against whaling.

Oddly, our MSM reported on how things went down in Fun Diego – can you believe how different these dispatches are? And this IndyBay bit leaves out the part about “Western culinary imperialism.” Oh well.

Here’s Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi caught in mid-stemwinder:

When Whale They Ever Learn and Nice People Heart Whales:

(Of course, Japan, Norway, and Iceland are the major whaling nations but cetaceans are hunted in the United States and Canada as well. Japan killed a little more than 500 Minke whales the past year and America got about 40 Bowheads, so call that 4000 tons for America and about 3000-something tons for Japan. Both of these species are not endangered, Or So They Say.)

Anyway, the deets:

Save the Whales Day, May 23, 2010
Demonstration Locations and Contacts

Save the Whales Day
May 23, 2010
Demonstration Locations and Contacts PLEASE CHECK THIS PAGE OFTEN FOR UPDATES
County Location Contact Time
Del Norte Front St. Park Visitors Center 11:30 am
Humboldt Eureka, foot of F St. on the plaza 10:00 am
Los Angeles Palisades Park (by pier)
Santa Monica 11:00 am
Marin Rodeo Beach at
Ft. Cronkhite Nancy Okada 2:00 pm
Mendocino Ft. Bragg Town Hall
363 Main Street 1:00 pm
Monterey Monterey Bay Park Pelican Network
POB 144
Big Sur, CA 93920
contact: Jack Ellwanger 10:00 am
Orange County Main Beach Park
Laguna Beach 10:00 am
San Diego Spanish Landing Park (San Diego Bay, across from the airport, west of Harbor Island Dr.) 11:00 am
Santa Barbara Beach by the Breakwater 10:00 am
Santa Cruz Lighthouse Point on West Cliff Dr. Patricia Matejcek 11:30 am
San Francisco City Hall Jeremy Pollock: Noon
San Luis Obispo Rock parking lot
Morro Bay 10:00 am
San Mateo Pacifica, next to the Pier on the promenade Nadia Holober, 650-740-3125 10:00 am
San Mateo
(2nd location) Poplar Beach,
Half Moon Bay Susan Herhold Noon
Sonoma Whale totem sculpture at Doran Beach (just south of Bodega Bay) Gregory Fearon: 10:00 am
Ventura Harbor Village Lawn Alan Sanders: