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James Franco and Heather Graham Filmed a Movie About the Porn Industry in San Francisco? New Trailer for “ABOUT CHERRY”

Friday, August 17th, 2012

This is news to me.

Apparently, this to-be-released film was 100% Filmed in San Francisco.

Dolores Park!

Click to expand in the Mission!

James Franco, the young San Francisco lawyer (apparently employed, this is Hollywood after all) takes Cherry to the roof of Medjul:

Hey, it’s Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire

Whose streets? Our streets! You can’t fake this kind of verite in a Hollywood back lot:

Oh, Cherry crashes her Audi at some point. An official SFPD Harley is in that scene.

And here’s Mel’s Drive In in the background:

And here’s the trailer:

Hundreds of San Franciscans at City Hall Today to Help Produce Milk

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

The people at issued the call and many responded. Were you gay for a day as they were at

Milk should be coming soon enough to a theatre near you.

Sean Penn as Harvey Milk

‘Period-correct 8-color flag

The 1970’s look