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Huntz Chineze Subz 4 Lulz: The Japanese Navy Invades San Francisco

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

A naval squadron fron Japan, consisting of two training ships, the Kashima and the Yamagiri, and an escorting destroyer, the Sawayuki, is blowing out of town today after docking at Pier 27 on Sunday.

Check it out here and here at Japan Security Watch.

As the free tours looked on Monday:

If only Tekka Sushi could have as warm a welcome.

Hello Kitteh!

Just what your fantail needs – a flock of Sea Sparrows:

Uh oh, they’re the old kind. Oh well. Hey, what’s the top speed of one of these things, anyway? What’s that, “fairly quick?” O.K.

Leave us depart.

Vaya con Gaia…