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C’mon, Leave Brittany, I Mean Nicole Kidman, Alone! Just Be Cool – Don’t Mob Her at the Hugh Jackman Show

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Look at this scrum after the end of Hugh Jackman’s preview performance at our Curran Theatre. Somewhere in there was lovely Nicole Kidman, who’s in town to film something or other.

I mean, these fans were pushing her the wrong way down the sidewalk, trying to get her sign calendars (that they just happened to have brought with them!) and whatnot:

Check the video – it was a madhouse on Geary.

Now, instead of acting like that, just stay cool.

Like this – when NK was jogging about the Specific Whites / Cow Hollow / Marina neighborhood earlier this week, you see how she was ignored by the local gal? That’s how you do it.

Of course at least one stalkerazi just up the hill wasn’t exactly ignoring Nicole, but he’s practically My Bodyguard compared with the voracious, out-of-control fans of Union Square.

All right, I’ve had a good cry, time to wash off all my mascara…

“OMG, Hugh Jackman at the Curran Theater, So So So So Sooooooooo Amazing!” Also, Live Online Q&A With Hugh on May 4th

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

It begins. HJ at the CT begins.

Haven’t caught the show myself, but here’s an early review:

“OMG just got back from seeing Hugh Jackman at the Curran Theater, so so so so sooooooooo amazing!”

O.K. then.

And guess who else was there last night at the preview – none other than Nicole Kidman, Barry Diller, and Jeffrey Katzenberg!

It was a big deal in Union Square. See?

Via MSN/Splash News

But all the clamoring fans were a bit too much for NK, as you can see from this video:

I can’t see. You’re scaring me!

People, you gots to chill.

Anyway, Hugh’s waiting for you at 445 Geary:

Click to expand

And there’s some kind of FB thing going on this afternoon:


All right, see you there!

Hugh at the 2007 Tonys

Hugh sings “Satisfaction (I can’t get no)”

Hugh in Oklahoma at the Royal National Theatre 1998

Hugh sings “Not the Boy Next Door”