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Drugstore Cowboy: Tom Selleck is One Bad Mofo, and Our Lucky Supermarkets Won’t Let Us Forget It

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Actor Tom Selleck is one bad mofo, huh?

Now, did they shoot all the cover photos for the “Jesse Stone” movie series in one session? Sure looks like that.

All right Tom, you’re bad, you’re sexy, you’re Jesse Stone, all right now – you’re giving me a 4, try giving me an 8, that’s better, hold it, hold it, click, click, click…

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Was once a USC campus representative for United Airlines.

Was a member of the California National Guard and was activated for the Watts riots.

Used to be part owner of The Black Orchid restaurant with Larry Manetti* and one other investor in Honolulu, HI.”

*It’s Rick! True dat about that place in Restaurant Row in the 808 State. I saw Rick and T.C. there one time. Never saw Higgins tho.