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Senator Carole Migden Leading Latest Online Poll

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

Forget about that other District 3 poll, the one that had to be pulled due to cheating by Internet-savvy individuals. Here’s the latest from the San Francisco Bay Guardian. Their survey currently shows Carole Migden leading with 54%, Mark Leno at 43% and Joe Nation trailing with 3%.

Click to enlarge: 


Get in on the fun right now and cast your vote. You can’t win if you don’t play!

This Marin County Bus Supports Both Senator Carole Migden and Mark Leno

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

Check out what local attorney and former Newsweek cover boy John Corcoran saw on the streets of Marin County the other day: a Golden Gate Transit bus supporting both Carole Migden and Mark Leno for the same office.

Perhaps the other candidate, Joe Nation, could buy the ad space on the right side of this bus? 

The election is just a month away – things are only just getting started


Attorney and Political Consultant John Corcoran using a BlackBerry 8100

Allegation of Electronic Ballot Box Stuffing in Leno, Migden, Nation Senate Poll

Monday, April 28th, 2008

The Marin Independent Journal is trying to do the best it can in this Internet Age. That means putting content online and maybe allowing for a reader poll on some topic of the day.

Last week, IJ editor/writer Brad Breithaupt wrote a piece about the sprawling 3rd Senate District involving “incumbent Senator Carole Migden and her two challengers, Assemblyman Mark Leno and former [A]ssemblyman Joe Nation.”

Readers were allowed to cast their vote for whomever they favored until someone at the IJ cancelled it. Why? Check it:

Due to suspected ballot-box stuffing, results of the poll will not appear. You dirty rascals!”



Appears is if more than one person repeatedly voted for a particular candidate and, so much so, the results got all screwy. Apparently, “cookies” were involved.

Now, who would do such a thing? (If only Marin County had its own Matier and Ross to get to the bottom of this!)

Can’t we all get along?   

The Empire Strikes Back – Senator Carole Migden’s Campaign Kickoff

Monday, April 21st, 2008

Oh my. Hundreds of volunteers came through the huge San Francisco Headquarters of Senator Carole Migden this past weekend. On hand to cheer her on were former Senate President John Burton and future Senate Pesident Darrell Steinberg.

A couple of termed-out Assemblymen are ganging up on her to turn her out of office. Read on: 

It’s a wide-open race involving the incumbent senator, Carole Migden, and her two challengers, Assemblyman Mark Leno and former North Bay Assemblyman Joe Nation. Each has a decent shot at winning the primary that is tantamount to victory in the overwhelming Democratic Third Senate District.

As much as this race is about anything, it’s about a struggle between the Democratic members of the (ironically-named) upper and lower houses of the Legislature in Sacramento. Senate leadership appears to be making a stand on behalf of Carole.

She’s got seven figures to burn through and lots of enthusiastic volunteers, so things should get interesting pretty soon. The Battle for Minis Tirith will look like a cakewalk compared to this election season.   

This shot shows about half of the largest room at HQ – the Great Hall of Ninth Street.

The original Spanish of the phrase… 


…Barack Obama is borrowing:


Round One of the Defense of Carole Migden has begun.

Ding Ding!