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Famous “No Yelpers” Cafe Owner Steve Ranjbin is Now Afraid to Discuss Yelp – Hard Times at Oakland’s Rooz Cafe

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Rooz Cafe owner Steve Ranjbin used to speak up about his No Yelpers stance, you know, a few years back, but now he’s afraid, horribly afraid, of speaking up about the Yelp.

To speak is a sin, baby. See?

“When I contacted one restaurant owner about his stance against the site — a Bay Area cafe that posted a “No Yelpers” sticker — he said: “I’ve learned not to talk. When I do, I get horrible reviews.” (He asked that I not mention his restaurant by name.)”

That’s the power of Yelp.

Now, meet typical Yelp Elite Squad members Tricia and Johanna. Ouch:

But Power Yelper Michael Gebert rises to the defense in this official Yelp retort.

On It Goes…