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Wow, the Inner Sunset Farmers’ Market Celebrates Its Fifth Birthday as Busy as It was on Opening Day

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

As far as I can tell, but I don’t make it to the outer boroughs all that much these days.

No matter, this place was impressively busy last Sunday


Inner Sunset Farmers’ Market

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“Sunday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM Year-round

In the Parking Lot between 8th and 9th Avenue, South of Irving Street Get directions…

The Inner Sunset Farmers’ Market brings fresh, locally-grown fruits and vegetables to you every Sunday, year-round. Join us every week to taste some the best of California’s best”

How Old People Have Fun in the Outer Sunset: Posing for Photos – As Seen at 46th and Judah

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

Look up this photo yourself on the street view, if you want. This is right across the street from Trouble Coffee:

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He held this pose for a while.

Now let’s travel to Europe, where this kind of thing has gotten out of hand:

They had heard the mapping vehicle was in their tiny town that day, so they set up lounge chairs to sit while waiting. The whole sequence of photos is amusing. You should check it out, Gentle Reader

A Plaintive Wail Coming from The ‘Set: “S.O.S. – Save Our N Judah Stops!”

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Apparently, all Hell will break loose if some N Judah stops are removed?

Via KatieOnViolin

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The SFMTA Has an N Judah Express, So Where’s the T Third Express? – “MUNI’s Shameful Racism”

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

CCSF student Gloria Dean has a question for the SFMTAMUNIDPTSFBC:

“I would like to know the reasons why the Muni constantly stops trains on the T-Line at 23rd Street as if the rest of Third Street doesn’t exist. 

“To see elderly women, men and children waiting over an hour for a train to get home is some of the worse treatment of citizens I’ve ever seen from a transportation system. I’ve traveled extensively all over the country as well as the world and I’ve only lived in this area for one year. However, this is obviously a classic combination of classism and racism being displayed, and it is truly a SHAME!

“I’ve decided to take my car out of the parking garage and drive. I refuse to be treated as a second class citizen. I deserve more and so do all the residents of Bayview. Last check, San Francisco doesn’t end at 23rd Street.”

Well I know the answer – it has to do with the district election system for the Board of Supervisors, and also the SFMTA’s general incompetence.

Now the Supervisor for our Bayview Hunters Point area asked about this sitch and the answer was that the T-Third zipped along at a speedy 9 MPH or something, so a T-Third Express wasn’t really needed.

Hey, here’s a jobs program. Why not tear out the T-Third and bring back the buses? Just asking. I mean the T-Third takes up a lot of space, right? Why doesn’t MUNI use it more?

Now speaking of the N Judah Express, here it is, in action, or lack thereof:

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Is that four buses sitting around on Sansome Street during rush hour? The drivers are just starting work and it’s time for a 40 minute lunch break? All right.

And here’s another on Bush, just idling away.

Actually, even when the N Judah Express band-aid operation is operational during our rush hours, the buses are totally empty, no passengers, most of the time.

Oh well.

The N Judah Shuttle Buses are Here, The N Judah Shuttle Buses are Here! For Now…

Monday, May 28th, 2012

And for a little bit.

As seen on Haight Street:

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Does the N Judah Nx Express Bus Make Sense or Does It Function as a Kind of Bribe to Supervisor Carmen Chu?

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

So these new Nx Judah Express Buses are “wrapped,” right? That means that they generally just sit around waiting to function in one direction during the morning drive and the other in the evening.

So, does the Nx Judah Express concept make sense?

Well, sure, you say, cause it gets you from the outer reaches of the West Bay, way out in the Outset, in San Francisco Adjacent, all the way into San Francisco Proper faster than the regular N Judah.

Yeah, but does it make sense?

Why don’t we have a Tx Third Street Express as well? Cause isn’t the newish T-Third line as fucked up as the N-Judah?

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And the only reason why MUNI doesn’t charge you Outsetters three or four or five dollars a trip is because the SFMTA tried doing that before and failed in that attempt. But, rest assured, raising the price of express buses is on their list of things to do.

Anyway, consider the Nx Judah Express a kind tangible gift to Supervisor Carmen Chu.

Mira, mira, Carmen! Look what we’re doing for you! Aren’t we the best transit agency in the City and County of San Francisco!

Is this what they call Transit Justice?


The 66-Quintara is the Most Useless Bus Line in San Francisco – Here’s the Case for Killing It

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Baghdad by the Bay makes the case for killing San Francisco’s Shortest Bus Line:

“This one has been on my mind for some time and after checking the route of the 66 Quintara bus. I think it’s time to put it out of commission. It is the shortest bus route beating the old winner the 37 Corbett and runs from 30th and Vicente to 9th and Judah now. If you need to get anywhere along that route there are other buses that can serve the need in a better way.”

So, it’s about seven blocks long and seven blocks wide?

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Let’s kill this one, kill it dead.

Overhead Wires: Friend or Foe?

Friday, December 9th, 2011

All that copper over your head – that’s where the Internet lives, sort of.

How many wires can you count?

Ninth Avenue, the Sunset District of San Francisco:


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Taxi Trilogy: Why Your Cabbie Doesn’t Want to Take You to 48th and Judah – And, Why He Must, By Law

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Popular blog 40 Going on 28 helpfully points out why it’s, generally, a misdemeanor when a San Francisco taxi driver refuses to convey you to your destination in the City. Read about the Failure to Convey rule below.

Now, the reason why your hack doesn’t want to drive all the way out to the foggy West Bay, sometimes, is the same reason some waiters get upset if you don’t order a bottle of wine at dinner – it’s because you’re a bad customer and you’re causing them to “lose money.”

Now actually, said waiter or cabbie is still making money on a deadbeat customer who wants to eat just the cheapest entree (and “still” water from the tap) or who wants to go to 48th and Judah, but it’s not as much money. Probably.

Now, if a cabbie thought that he (generally he, but not always, I acknowledge) had a ghost of a chance picking up a return fare from The Outset, from the Land of Wind and Ghosts, and bringing said fare all the way back to San Francisco, well, that would improve his attitude 100%. But, probably, he’ll end up dead-heading (driving empty) back to the place where he, unfortunately, met up with you.

So, the cabbie feels like you are taking five or ten dollars out of his pocket because that’s how much less money he’ll have at the end of the night. Probably. (It’s the same thing with some waiters, so if I hear that employees at some place like Fleur de Lys on Sutter are being told to “push absinthe” or whatever on patrons at an (unstated) $25 a shot, well it makes you not want to go to Fleur de Lys, oh well, even though you know your ladyfriend would like to go there and see famous, ponytailed Hubert and then take pictures of the architectural desserts she’s about to sample…)

If you want, you can note the cab number and the time and file a complaint, but he knows you probably won’t do that. Because it’s a pain. Oh well. Now, NYC does sting operations sometimes to fight this mentality, but that kind of thing would take a lot of effort here, oh well.

If there are cabs lined up at a hotel, sometimes I’ll go to the last one in line and ask him if he wants to go to some intersection, some out of the way place. It’s breaking the rules but oh well – it seems to work out better for all involved. (Act like you’re asking him for a favor, cause you sort of are, sometimes….)

Anyway, that’s WHY YOUR CABBIE SEEMS TO HATE YOU, sometimes.

Oh, there’s a cab! (They seem to accumulate around City Hall, for some reason…)

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All the deets:

“IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!!!!! I am notified by helpful reader Laura that cabbies ARE NOT ALLOWED to turn you down if you say you’re going to Judah and 48th or whatever. She even sent me this info:

Under the Transportation Code Section 1108(e)(1), taxi drivers shall not refuse, direct or permit the refusal of prospective passengers in any place within the City for transportation to any other place in the City, or to or from the San Francisco International Airport, or to the Oakland International Airport, or paratransit passengers within the Paratransit Program service area, at rates authorized by law, if the prospective passengers present themselves for transportation in a clean, coherent, safe and orderly manner and for a lawful purpose and the Driver has sufficient time before the end of his or her shift.

If you should witness this happening again, please write down the cab number, name of the cab company, date and time of the incident and report it to our 311 center. The report will then be forwarded to our office for review. 311 is available 24/7 at 415-701-2311. Or you can dial 311 directly on your cell phone if you have a 415 area code.”