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San Francisco Reacts to MUNI’s New Transit Photography Policy

Monday, January 4th, 2010

After a gestation period rather more appropriate for a large mammal fetus, MUNI has finally birthed some bouncing baby SFMTA Guidelines for Photography and Videography. Read all about it and see the reaction courtesy of Troy atCaliberSF.

Two things jump might jump out at you:

1. The ban on the use of “large cameras” doesn’t give too much guidance to MUNI employees tasked with enforcing the policy. How large is large?

2. The ban on photographing stuff in non-public areas wouldn’t apply to somebody who isn’t on MUNI propertah, obviously. There’s no way a shot of a non-public bus yard from a public sidewalk could be banned by the SFMTA.

Anyway hurray, I guess.

Hear that, little critters? Those recording your late night bus rides now will have no fear of harassment from The Man. 

Congrats to Troy Holden and MUNI spokesmodel Judson True for working on this.

SFMTA Photography and Videography Guidelines

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which operates the
Municipal Railway (Muni), welcomes photography and videography on SFMTA
vehicles and publicly-accessible property subject to the following guidelines. All
photography and videography activities should be pursued safely and with respect for
all SFMTA customers and employees. SFMTA facilities and vehicles are for the
exclusive use of the SFMTA, its employees and its customers. Any and all
permission granted to photograph or take video in connection with these guidelines is
subordinate to the SFMTA’s obligations to its customers, employees and to the
general public.

Non-commercial Photography and Videography

The general public is permitted to use personal, handheld photography and
videography equipment on all Muni in-service transit vehicles and on publiclyaccessible
SFMTA property, including Muni stations, as long as such activities do not
interfere with transit operations.
While on SFMTA property, all photographers and videographers must comply with
the following restrictions:
• Photography or videography activities cannot interfere with the safe operation
of any Muni vehicle as determined by the vehicle’s Operator or other SFMTA
• Photography or videography activities cannot impede the safe movement of
Muni customers as they board or alight from transit vehicles or make their
way through Muni stations.
• Stairways, escalators, doors and aisles cannot be blocked by photographers
and videographers at any time.
• Photographers and videographers must fully and immediately comply with
any requests, directions or instructions from SFMTA personnel related to
safety concerns.
• Large cameras, photo or video equipment or ancillary equipment such as
lighting, tripods, cables, etc. are prohibited.
When using photography or videography equipment on SFMTA vehicles or property,
always be aware of your surroundings, including your proximity to moving transit
vehicles or the edges of Muni platforms.
All photographers and videographers are prohibited from entering, photographing, or
taking video in non-public areas of the SFMTA’s transit system.

Questions about the SFMTA’s Photography and Videography Guidelines can be directed to or 415.701.4500

The Four Stages of Grief Regularly Experienced by San Francisco MUNI Passengers

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Adapting the classical Kübler-Ross model to San Francisco yields Four Stages of MUNI Passenger Grief:

1. Denial — “I feel fine.”; “This can’t be happening, not to me.” Passengers in this stage look expectantly in the direction of the next  MUNI vehicle.

2. Anger“Why me? It’s not fair!”; “How can this happen to me?”; “Who is to blame?” Passengers in this stage fight each other, or, like Akit, go Full Martin Luther, calling for Nat Ford’s head, as soon as they get home.
3. Depression“I’m so sad, why bother with anything?”; “I miss my loved one, why go on?Passengers in this stage enter shoe-gazer mode, hanging their heads in despair.

4. Acceptance — “It’s going to be okay.”; “I can’t fight it, I may as well prepare for it.” Passengers in this stage sit down in the middle of the street, instinctively conserving energy for the long wait ahead. Thusly:

IMG_9592 copy

Click to expand

Yes, that’s the right train but it’s headed the wrong direction. It’s going to be a loooooong night, once again.

Oh well.

Besuited Commuter Defies MUNI’s New Pricing with an Aging Honda 175

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Who needs a bus when you have a 1970 (or so) Honda 175?

As seen on Van Ness. Click to expand:

IMG_0670 copy

Stick It To The Man!

Kaiser Permanente is Just Begging to be Sued by the New York MTA

Thursday, September 10th, 2009


See those letters in solid-colored circles at the bottom of the Kaiser Permanente “thrive” bus stop ad near Geary and Gough? That just might earn Kaiser a cease and desist letter from Lester G. Freundlich, Senior Associate Counsel, Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Just check out beloved local website Muni Diaries here and here to learn of the metaphorical long-distance beat-down 40WithEgg recently received all the way from the Empire State.

The problem comes from using circled capital letters while referencing a transit theme.

Well let’s see dare ah, you’se got an “A,” in dare – what’s youse guys doin’ wit our freaking “A”? Click to expand:

IMG_0617 copy

Of course, you’d think that Kaiser would have looked at this issue already, but you never know.

These days, Joe Moore appears to be off of the thin ice for now, but who knows what the future will bring. Will he get sued by MUNI?

Possibly. Oh well.

Give those New Yawkers Hell, Joe. And Kaiser, you too.

Let’s close with a sample of a scary cease and desist letter. Cheers.

Dear Mr. Smith:

Your above store was selling through website a variety of T-shirts based upon Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s trademarks for various routes of the New York City subway system.

The symbols for the routes of the New York City subway system are MTA intellectual property which may not be used on products without a license from MTA. In the absence of a license for these products, you must immediately cease to sell the unlicensed products.

On the basis of the above, at MTA’s demand, has removed your shop from its site.

This is to demand that, if you are manufacturing or selling these products through any other channel, you must cease and desist immediately.

Please respond immediately in writing to me at the address indicated below or by email at the address indicated below, by completing the applicable statements on page 2 and returning this letter to me.

Thank you.


Lester G. Freundlich
Senior Associate Counsel
Metropolitan Transportation Authority


NIMBY Mentality Revealed in the MUNI / Union Street Showdown

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Apparently, there’ll be some showdown this afternoon at the City Hall SFMTA meeting regarding the proposal to add trailers to some buses on Union Street. That plan, according to some Cow Hollow NIMBYs, turns buses into “monsters.” Perhaps not as monstrous as this 300-passenger job from China or the Knight Bus, but enough to “destroy” the entire neighborhood.

Let’s hear from C.H.N. Marcie Judelson, from her recent letter to the Chronicle. Some excerpts from “No monster buses“:

“monster disturbing huge loud narrow totally inappropriate outraged struggling crippling noisy disturb ruin historic threatens destroy totally outrageous”

You get the idea.

DSCN3690 copy

Here’s something to ponder – if 60-foot buses going down the street destroys the surrounding area, that means that all the other hoods in town with 60-foot buses have already  been destroyed, right? So all you godforsaken souls in the Mission and the Richmond, well you’re dead but you just don’t know it. How can you tolerate subsisting in your non-charming non-village?

That’s the NIMBY mentality.

But, maybe the buses will roll and Life in the Cow Hollow will go on as before?

Yes, in all probability, yes.

Union Street NIMBY Business Owners Have a Good Cry Over New Bus Stops

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Let’s check  in with the Cow Hollow area on Union Street, where lots and lots of business lots are for rent these days, per this recent bit from Sally Kuchar at CurbedSF. Well, here’s the news of the day: There’s a new proposal from MUNI to have bigger bus stops and longer buses on the 41 Union line.

The reaction? Crazy, Kramer-esque banners from millionaire homeowners. See? But don’t laugh, signs like these get results, sometimes. Like when the World’s Smallest Burger King over in the Inner Sunset went under after being subjected to one man’s incessant campaign. RangeLife has the story on that one.

DSCN3690 copy

But let’s hear from today’s Union Street NIMBYs themselves. Happy reading!

A SF Muni proposal is currently in the works to establish a 291 feet long Bus Terminus at Union & Fillmore. This is to accommodate 60 feet long articulated buses which are planned for service on Union Street. This act of folly places the terminus at the very doorstep of the Union Street Inn, and could place the very existence of the jewel-like Inn in jeopardy.
Objections to the ill-conceived plan voiced by merchants of the Union Street Association at recent meetings were summarily dismissed, leaving the impression that the plan is a done deal. The proceedings were termed “farcical” by some merchants.
The impact on The Union Street Inn and other merchants in the area could be crippling. With the small inn already struggling to survive in a bruising economy it is inconceivable to think that Muni would even consider removing five revenue-earning meters directly outside the Inn in order to make way for a totally inappropriate, peace-disturbing terminus that would start operation at 5 am and continue throughout the day.
Closure of the award-winning Inn would not only be a tragedy, wrought by bureaucracy run amok, but would also result in a loss of  $40,000 a year paid by the inn through the City Hotel Tax.
An appeal for intervention by Supervisor Alioto-Pier has, as yet, only elicited a polite formal response from a Legislative Assistant.
CONTACTS: David Coyle, Innkeeper, Union Street Inn, 2229 Union Street; Lesley Leonhardt, Union Street Merchants Assn.

Congratulations to N Judah Chronicles on Its Fourth Anniversary!

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Who turned out to mark the fourth birthday of the famous N Judah Chronicles in the prideful Inner Sunset district last night? Well, how about Matt Baume of Curbed SF and Sweet Melissa Griffin and Beth Spotswood and the Heinekin Girls and even chief MUNI flack Judson True (hey, let’s all hope lying about CultureBus pays more than telling the truth about CultureBus, ’cause telling the truth about the CB don’t pay a whit) and a host of others too numerous to enumerate.

Here’s NJC’s grand poobah Greg Dewar addressing the crowd last night on Irving Street near 9th Avenue at the Blackthorn Tavern. Chanted the mob,“Four more years!”

IMG_8684 copy

Click to expand:

IMG_8672 copy

And here’s the NJ itself,  just a stone’s throw away from the party, rolling along in the wind and fog.