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Coyote Alert vs. “Velociraptor Alert” – “Under No Circumstances Should You Say, ‘Clever Girl'”

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

This one gets less funny as you go along.

(Or go ahead and say “clever girl,” I don’t care.)

Anywho, enjoy a home-madeĀ Velociraptor Alert sign, the kind you can find in Golden Gate Park these days:

Via aclark – click to expand

It’s in the same vein as those Coyote Alert signs you see:

Oh here’s a coyote. The pup below was part of a mating pair in Golden Gate Park that caused problems a while back. You won’t see it around town because Fish and Game sent someone over to plumb blow it away.

Oh well.

The Stop Motion Dinosaurs of the Presidio – Jurassic Park Models Used to Decorate LucasFilm’s Letterman Digital Arts Center

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

As you’re walking in the Presidio along Chestnut Street West (or whatever they call it these days) through the Letterman Digital Arts Center, you can look up and see this view through the windows of a walkway connecting buildings.

[Oh, these models areĀ called maquettes, and the one in the middle is a spaceship of some type – see comments]

Can you ID the species? Sure you can…

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