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T-Shirt Meme Evolution: From Defend Brooklyn to Defend Fallujah

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Living out here on the west si-iide of the country, it can be easy to get mixed up over the “DEFEND ______ + Kalishnikov AK-47 icon (or RPG/launcher or similar)” T-shirt meme. The “DEFEND BROOKLYN” shirts came first, surprisingly enough. Of course they’re easy to interpret – we are being admonished to defend Brooklyn from people like the “Williamsburg ‘tards,” whatever that means.

But DEFEND FALLUJAH is harder to figure out. The wearer is expressing support for the U.S. Marines? the Republican Guard? The Iraqi First Army? It might depend on the year that the wearer first acquired the shirt in question. It’s all a bit ambiguous.

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Oh well.