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OMG, It’s “War Horse” at Our Curran Theatre – A Spectacle – Positive to Enthusiastic Reviews – Ends Sept. 9th

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

I don’t know what you’re looking for in a play, but how’s this?

2011 Tony Awards:
  • Best Play
  • Best Direction (Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris)
  • Best Scenic Design (Rae Smith, winner)
  • Best Lighting Design (Paule Constable, winner)
  • Best Sound Design (Christopher Shutt, winner)

In addition, Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones of Handspring Puppet Company won the Special Tony Award for War Horse.

So yeah, War Horse at our SHN Curran Theatre is a puppet show based on a children’s book, but it looks amazing.

Speaking of which, here’s SFPD horse “Hammer” meeting SHN horse puppet “Joey” the other day in Golden Gate Park – check the video:

Click to expand – more deets on this equine experiment from Kavin Fagan here

And, the reviews:

Miracles abound in the electrifying “War Horse per Robert Hurwitt of the San Francisco Chronicle

A theatrical coup” per long-time San Francisco critic Janos Gereben

It’s “spellbinding” per Karen D’Souza of the San Jose Mercury News

War Horse earns its stripesper Ken Marks of KQED

War Horse is the one touring show that shouldn’t be missed” per Cy Ashley Webb of the Stark Insider

Four stars out of five per Albert Goodwyn, SF Performing Arts Examiner

It’s a great show. You (and your kin aged 12 and up) ought to go see it.

And oh, BTW, if you don’t already have tickets for The Book of Mormon, you know, the Best Musical of the Century (already!) per the New York Times, well, it’s time to start freaking out. You can’t buy tickets now because the only way to do that is to get a subscription for the 2012-2013 season (you know, Lion King, Wicked, etc.) but here’s the catch: SOLD OUT, baby! Already. So you’re going to need to move move move when individual tickets go on sale, whenever that will be. BoM, which is, fundamentally, a “love letter to religion written by an atheist,” however foul-mouthed it may be, will only be here for five short weeks. Every last show will sell out, just saying.

Cirque du Soleil’s TOTEM is Totally Awesome – The Top Five Acts in Photos – But It Leaves AT&T Park Dec. 18th

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Well, the reviews are in for five star Yelp-rated Totem down at Le Grand Chapiteau tent in the parking lot of AT&T Park.

Nobody doesn’t want you to see this show:

Robert Hurwitt:‘Totem’ review: Whimsical vision shapes sweet show

Karen D’Souza: Review: ‘Totem,’ playing in San Francisco, one of Cirque du Soleil’s most magical productions

Leslie Katz: “High drama at Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Totem’

Chad Jones: Thrilling return to form in trippy Totem”

Cindy Warner: Totem in SF shows Cirque’s evolution into higher art form, totally dazzling


Join the CirqueClub, why not?

They used to have 15% and 20% discounts but I don’t know how those links are working now. Costco San Francisco will sell you a pair of Category 1 (good seats, but not the best) for like $157, I think.

Even the cheapest Category 3 seats for $50-something aren’t all that bad, actually. How happy you’ll be depends on the particular act and your particular seat, I s’pose. You won’t be far from the stage at all but you will be off to the side.

Parking is $20 but you can always park for free in the evenings on Channel one block to the west, just south and west of the 4th Street Bridge.

All right, on with the show.

Roller Skates:

OMG, this one‘s off the hook. Is she going to hit her head on the platform? And just how many RPMs is she spinning now? Check out Massimiliano Medini and Denise Garcia-Sorta from a documentary here and don’t miss the start of their IRL romance at 2:30. This is the best act by far, IMO.

Fixed Trapeze Duo:

OMG, it’s Rosalie Ducharme and Louis-David Simoneau on the trapeze. Per Leslie Katz, “A trapeze duo cleverly plays out figurative as well as literal ups and downs of romance in a delightfully attitude-filled act.” Yep, pretty much.


Amazing. Aluminum poles, very bendy.

Russian Bars:

This is your “Aztec Astronaut stuff

Unicycles and Bowls:

So, you can figure out the rules of the game pretty quickly and then you can sit back and grade them on how they do. Very impressive. (What this has to do with evolution I have no idea, but anyway.)

Those are your top five acts in Totem.

All right, see you there!

Parallel bar and trampoline
Hoop dance
Rings trio
Clown act
Chinese unicycle and bowls
Foot juggling


Devil sticks
Fixed trapeze duo
Cone juggling
Clown act
Hoop dance
Roller skate
Russian bar