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Snookum Bears, Snookum Bears, Snookum Bears! – South American Coati Enjoy Halloween Pumpkins at Our SF Zoo

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Heretofore, I didn’t know that snookum bears were actual real animals.

Check it:

“Did you know that pumpkins make for great enrichment for our active and curious South American Coati at the San Francisco Zoo? In this video, see them play and enjoy treats, while learning about these adorable creatures. We hope you’ll want to come meet them for yourself! Plan a visit: Voice-over by Tess & Kate Hodges”

In closing, Snookum Bears, Snookum Bears, Snookum Bears!

USA Network’s “Fairly Legal” Stunt Has Got to be the Worst Street Promotion in San Francisco History

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Now doesn’t this street promotion / protest on Market look a little phony to you?

Yes it does, and that’s why it’s the worst street promotion in San Francisco history.

What do you think, Cragislist Gigs Bay Area is how these kids got together? Natch! $75 well spent…

Click to expand, to see the fakeness.

Do they actually think that this stunt will garner attention for Fairly Legal? As if.

BTW, 10 PM Thursdays on the USA.

Don’t forget!