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Attention MSM: RadiumOne’s Gurbaksh Chahal Wasn’t Actually Accused of “Hitting” Juliet Kakish 117 Times – A “Negative Pregnant”

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Here we go:

While acknowledging in the first post that “my temper got the better of me,” Chahal denied hitting his girlfriend 117 times as accused and called the reaction an “overblown drama.”

OK, but G wasn’t accused of hitting her 117 times, it was hitting or kicking or whatever.

So maybe he was trying to be reaaaaally Clintonian here with his denial – it’s hard to tell. Moving on.

Oh, what’s this:

negative pregnant (sometimes called a pregnant denial) refers to a denial which implies its affirmative opposite by seeming to deny only a qualification of the allegation and not the allegation itself. 

in this case, the denial is one of assault or battery or domestic violence or intimate partner violence* or whatever it was that caused Juliet to call 911 in August last year and also allege that G struck her on July 4th last year. (Perhaps attorney Mark Geragos and or Juliet herself could offer up more details, but they’re most likely prevented from doing so at this point.)

It could be that G writes what he writes mostly for his true believers and relatives and all this doesn’t really matter, who knows.

But anyway, RadiumOne’s Gurbaksh Chahal Wasnt Actually Accused of “Hitting” Juliet Kakish 117 Times, that’s my point.

*That’s a new one on me – is G already in his counseling sessions? Sounds like it. Regardless, some things get through to his high school dropout mind, and some don’t.

Mid-Market Mien: Mean Man Defends “Machine Coffee & Deli” from Harmless Woman by Kicking at Her

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Thusly. This was right next to Show Dogs, in the troubled Twitterloin.

Welcome to the Machine – may I kick you?

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Jean-Claude Van Damme here (look at his stance) considered her a nuisance, wanted her to go away from the sidewalk in front of MACHINE COFFEE.

For some reason.

No medallions, dreadlocks, or black fists
It’s just that
Gangster glare
With gangster raps
That gangster shit

Makes a gang of snaps