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Oh Bay to Breakers – You So Crazy, Your New Costume Contest is, I Don’t Know, So Zany!

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

I don’t know, I’m not sure how to react to the new attitude coming from the Bay to Breakers Civic event.

I’m used to hearing and reading edicts direct from that gay-hating Colorado billionaire who calls the shots at B2B but I haven’t heard as much of the vitriol lately.

Actually, I kind of feel sorry for them now. Not so sorry that I won’t mess with their logo…

…but I’m just so used to hearing about the latest crackdown on this and this and this and this and zero tolerance and you’ll be arrested and whathaveyou.

Anyway, they have a zany, wild costume contest planned, or something.

I still have hope for riot-geared cops and hired thugs enforcing the rules but, well, I don’t know, now.

Anyway, let’s play it straight, for now. All the deets:


Zazzle Footstock
Speedway Meadow, Golden Gate Park


May 15, 2011
9:30am – 11:30am


Must be registered for the 2011 Zazzle Bay to Breakers and have your race bib with you in order to enter the contest.



This award is all about creativity! The best Be-Zazzled Costume will be incredibly unique, custom, and AMAZING TO BEHOLD. Infinity bonus points for including the Zazzle logo in your costume

1st Place Prize: $1,000 Zazzle shopping spree


Because Bay to Breakers is turning one hundred this year, we want to see costumes that best represent the races of the past and the future. Create costumes from past or future eras to compete in this category. Bonus points for referencing historical Bay Area events.

1st Place Prize: 2 registrations for the 2012 Zazzle Bay to Breakers + $100


We live in a technology world, so why not have a technology costume? To compete in the iCostume category, make a costume that references techie topics like Silicon Valley, internet memes, tech companies, mobile devices, laptops, and so much more! Negative points for dressing as Zuckerberg – that’s just lazy.

1st Place Prize: Apple iPad 2


There’s no “i” in Bay to Breakers – show off your group think with an amazing group costume! Get a group of three or more together and compete with a creative costume for this category. Centipedes are especially welcome.

1st Place Prize: 1 ticket per group member for a Giants Home Game


Show us a talent? SING us a song? All while wearing a costume? Win this category with an awesome performance and a musical costume that’s even cooler.

1st Place Prize: 2 tickets to the 2012 Grammy Awards


Who’s going to decide the winners? The costume contest judges are a mix of local celebrities and Zazzle celebrity. Read more about the judges below to get a sense of how to tailor your costume(s) for the best shot at gaming the system and winning it all.

Chris Brecher – KGO Afternoon News Co-Anchor
Chris was born and raised in Harrisburg, PA where she says, “I was a good girl until high school where I was criticized for being “flippant.” Now, I’m paid to do that!” Chris loves to spend time museum hopping (she’ll have a keen eye for the Costume of the Century), traveling, and spending time with her family.

Michael Karns – Director of Public Relations
Mike grew up in LA but fell in love with the Bay Area after attending Stanford University. At Zazzle he splits his time between working with the public relations team and judging impromptu afternoon dance competitions at the office. When Mike is not at work he enjoys hiking, water sports, and running his hands through his hair.

Kimberlee Sakamoto – KRON 4 Internet reporter
As an Internet Reporter Kimberlee Sakamoto covers everything happening online (hint: She will be watching the iCostume category very closely), from the latest trends to the must see new websites or videos. Kimberlee graduated from SF State where she was a founder of the ultimate frisbee team. Outside of work you’ll find Kimberlee baking, reading, at a ballet class or rocking out at a concert.

More information about Zazzle Footstock is HERE.