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In San Francisco, They Have Parking Meters Everywhere

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Well check it out – a fully functional official City and County of San Francisco parking meter on a platform at the Greenwich steps. It’s not hard to get to, just follow those hunting for the huge home-made sculpture of Tatiana the Tiger.

(Did you know that Tatiana the Siberian Tiger has the highest rating of anything on Yelp?  It’s little wonder why the attorneys for the “charmless” Dhaliwal Brothers Paul and Kulbir (aka “the boys” or “the kids” despite the fact that they are adults) don’t want to have San Franciscans determining how big a payday (cha-ching!) they merit from the Christmas tragedy of 2007. What the Dhaliwals’ Yelp ratings would be like…)

Oh well, back to the whimsy: 

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Find the tiger sculpture then look downhill.

San Franciscans Flock to the Shrine of Tatiana the Killer Tiger

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

Not too many made it to the recent unveiling of the Tatiana sculpture on Christmas Day, but now people are making pilgrimages to the site of the community garden at 274 Greenwich on the famous Greenwich Steps. Per sculptor Jon Engdhal:

“It was one year ago today that Tatiana died so senselessly, a scale statue is in place to remember her.”

This is a peaceful place, free of the vitriol that surrounds the Carlos Sousa Jr., Paul Dhaliwal, and Kulbir Dhaliwal case from a year ago

You’ll find this Siberian tiger cub right next to the parking meter

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Looking down from Tati’s perch. This is about 75 feet down the hill from the old Julius’ Castle restaurant on Montgomery:

The view from the path:

This thing seems larger than life – it’s probably quite heavy.

Enjoy it while it lasts. She might not be there a long time.

Horrible Dhaliwal Brothers Refuse to Leave San Francisco Alone

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Those horrible Dhaliwal Brothers just can’t leave San Francisco alone it seems, having just filed a federal civil rights lawsuit today. Apparently you can get sued for thinking they might have done something wrong that Christmas Day:

Singer has suggested the brothers might have done something to provoke the tiger, an accusation that the Dhaliwals’ attorneys have denied.”

In actuality, the brothers might have done something to provoke the tiger. How’s this for a statement? Perhaps I’ll be the next to get sued.

Click to expand:

The whole idea of trying to get jurors from San Mateo and Marin to decide just how horrible the Dhaliwals are doesn’t appear to be a winning strategy, but who knows.

NB: A 24-year-old is not a “kid” regardless of any strategy to call him that. A “boys will be boys” approach has a similar problem.

To be continued…