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Hundreds of Protesters Show at USF for the “Why We Just Shut Down KUSF” Meeting – Scores of Cops Milling About

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Here’s a taste of the action at the packed Presentation Theatre on Turk Street tonight where hundreds of KUSF-FM supporters are¬†finding out all about the recent shutdown.

Reyhan Harmanci is doing the play-by-play right now.

Here’s USF President Stephen A.¬†Privett, S.J., laying down the law, Jesuit-style: “We run a nursing school, but not a hospital…” You see where that one’s going, right?

And the po-po, they everywhere. It must have been all-hands for the USF Public Safety Department. (Man, they sure looked like cops, couldn’t see if they had handguns.) Well, if they’re not cops they do a pretty good impersonation and then I guess I’ll have to say that it was closer to one (1) score of cops on the scene. Still, way, way overstaffed, IMO.

Across the street on Tamalpais, where Nil’s Linke’s drunk driver got arrested not too long ago:

Anyway, here’s Steve Rhodes covering the action, as you might expect he would.

Looks like this one’s off to the Federal Communications Commission…