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Lamborghini Schadenfreude! Italian Exoticar Towed With Extreme Prejudice From the Apple Store Red Zone

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

You know why you almost never see Lamborghinis with licence plates on the back in the 415? ‘Cause when you register them in CA, it costs low five-figures, baby.

And that’s a lot of scratch for a toy.

(Of course, if you want a sexy, imported, Lambo two seater for a little cheaper, there’s always the tandem Viaggio bicycle, right?)

Now, take it away Andyi – here’s an accounting of the fuss in Union Square last night:

I dunno. There’s something about a expensive supercar being towed from a no-parking zone with the same care and indignity as a Toyota Celica that makes you smile and take photos. One thing worries me, though. This is:

1) A super-expensive car,
2) With no license plate,
3) Parked illegally,
4) Outside the Apple Store.

I’m 10% sure that I might have just missed a Steve Jobs sighting.

(Aside: another demo of the Nikon P7000’s special super-high-sensitivity shooting mode. The feature really shines in street shots like this one, where there’s enough light to see by but not enough to get a good shot from a normal camera. Apart from the low 3-megapixel resolution, there’s really nothing wrong with this shot. I tweaked it a little bit in Aperture, but no more than I’d adjust a shot I took in bright sunlight with any other camera. It was more or less fine as-is.)”

Million dollar pig junior
You’re my Bangladesh
I’m crazy dynamite
I’m the cactus man
I drive a Lambourghini
I stop for petrol

You mangle my pig junior
There’s tornadoes in Spain
I’m alone tonight
I’m the cactus man
I drive a Lambourghini
I stop for petrol

Mangle my pig junior
Mangle my pig junior
So far away
So far away…