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LA Times Says No to Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs, Yes to $8000 Chairs

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Oh my. Comes now the Los Angeles Times Newspaper discussing “Bad Design Trends We Hope Die in 2009.”

“CFLs: To be green, you do not need to suffer with compact fluorescent bulbs, a light source that does not render color or texture and only turns on and off. Instead, do the planet a favor by using a combination of a halogen bulb, which does not use mercury or rare earth phosphors, and a dimmer. If you dim a halogen bulb to 50%, you will save over 40% energy and your light bulb can last more than 10 years.”

Let’s take a quick inventory of the allegations against our huckleberry friend, the Compact Fluorescent Lamp.

via fangelman’s photostream

1. “suffer with compact fluorescent bulbs”

Some people can handle CFLs with ease. Why not try? Some people love them.

2. “only turns on and off”

Nope. Dimmers are available, don’t cha know?

3. “halogen bulb, which does not use mercury”

Halogen bulbs have a few issues with mercury too, don’t cha know? Arguably, more issues.

4. “If you dim a halogen bulb to 50%, you will save”

Why in the heck would you run a bulb at 50% all the time? Wouldn’t you just install a bulb with half the power?

Here in Northern California, we still believe in CFLs. As does the PG&E. How unfashionable of us!

And what should we buy, per this article in the Times?

Ralph Lauren chairs.

That’s right. $8000 Ralph Lifshitz chairs.

See you in Hell, LA Times.