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One of the Five Maybach Sedans Sold in America Last Month – Seen in SF, CA

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

Well look at this rare sight on the streets of San Francisco, or anywhere else for that matter – it’s a brand spanking new Maybach sedan from Mercedes Benz. Just five cars from this brand were sold in America for the whole month of February 2009. Ouch.

That means that Maybach dealerships in America are on a pace that will have them selling less than two cars each in calendar 2009. Ouch, again.

On Presidio Boulevard. Click to expand.

Of course that’s much worse than what Audi dealers faced during their bad time in the 1980’s after 60 Minutes embarrassed itself with the unintended acceleration fiasco. Back then each Audi store sold about one car per month. Ah memories…

“Apparently, the brakes were failing at exactly the same moment that the gas pedal decided it had a mind of its own. Perfectly plausible, at least to the 60 Minutes crew.”

It turned out that drivers were pressing the go pedal instead of the slow pedal. And there were reasons for that, and the cars had other issues as well, but 60 Minutes really pulled a boner on that one. Oh well. Anywho, Audi considered leaving the American market, things were so bad.

But what about Maybach? How much longer can it go on?

Chin up, Maybach. It can’t get worse than this.


The Vultures are Circling Over the Maybach Division of Mercedes-Benz

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Things were bad for the Maybach brand “bach” in the day, back when there was talk of shutting the whole operation down and Mercedes reduced the number of American dealerships down to 42 or so (with a huge loss for all concerned). But now, news comes that those 42 “studios” (it’s not just a car but a work of art, get it?) had sales of just nine new cars for all of America last month.

What’s that, you ain’t never saw a Maybach? Well take a look, even the short one is huge. Of course the long one is bigger still, but Scottish crooner Rod Stewart can’t fit three passengers in his without all sorts of trouble. (If only his “Relationship Manager” could have contacted the “Center of Excellence“!)  

An esteemed Gumball Rally driver in his Mb right in front of the esteemed (yet inconceivably gloomy) Pacific Union Club earlier this year. Perhaps he’s a member?

Click to expand, while you can.

The way things are going, there won’t be a new generation of Maybach to come out so the whole shebang is going to fizzle out in a short while unless another bailout is in the offing. That’s unlikely, so drunk Beyonce (she of halo halo halo) will have to find a new place to hide out from the paparazzi, and Maybach Babe 2 will have to find a new backdrop:


Of course, you can always turn to eBay to get an Exelero model, sort of.

See you in Hell, Maybach!

It’s Mayday Maday Mayday for Maybach Manufaktur

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Or is it Maiday Maiday Maiday?

They warned us, but we didn’t listen. News comes today that luxury car nameplate Maybach soon might be ready to call it quits. Hurry on over and get your order in today, before they’re all gone. (Turn on their home page symphony, nice music). Nice video too.

Or you can just settle for a regular Mercedes. Your choice.