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The Brave, Lane-Splitting Recumbent Tricycle Riders of San Mateo County

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

This fellow is waiting at a traffic signal between the lanes on an Interstate 101 offramp somewhere in San Mateo County.

The six foot high pennants are a nice touch. Don’t leave home without them, especially when lane-splitting on a recumbent trike.

Click to expand:

IMG_7768 copy

Vaya con Dios, jinete del triciclo.

The Brave Lane-Splitting Bikers of the Streets of San Francisco

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Lane-splitting, famously legal in California only, can be a dangerous game on the freeway. But what about the mean city streets of San Francisco?

These two fellows must have a lot of good stories of close calls if they spend much time lanesplitting on bloody Masonic Avenue, as shown here.

Click to expand. Note the BRC sticker awarded to graduates of the safety-oriented Basic Rider Course [or to survivors of Burning Man’s Black Rock City, see comments.]

All lanesplitters should wear the medal of the Vatican-certified patron saint of motocycle riders, Columbanus of Bobbio.

(Columbanus gives you protection from floods as well. Bonus!)

Lane Splitting on the Freeway with Your Motorcycle – Your Right as a Californian

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Lane splitting – everybody’s doing it, even SuzukiGirl. But what does John Law think about that?

Q. Can motorcycle riders “split” lanes and ride between other vehicles? A. Lane splitting by motorcycles is permissible but must be done in a safe and prudent manner.

Does lane splitting irritate drivers? Perhaps, but who cares?

Go for it, dOoD. The University of California says lane splitting is good for you. Plus, these days you’ve got the Vatican-certified patron saint of motocycle riders, Columbanus of Bobbio, on your side.


“Filtering forward” through the long line of stalled cagers in front of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge toll booths. Click to expand: