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Apple Haterade: San Francisco Public Library Hosts Bilingual Presentation on the Shortcomings of Apple’s iPad 2

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

[UPDATE: Our SFPL offers this in reply:

“FYI – we did do an iPad 2 training and demo a few months ago. Patrons specifically asked about Chinese-made tablets so the International Center Librarian specifically reached out to find some manufacturers to learn about their tablet computers. No sales pitches can be made. It’s purely informational session about the device and how it can work with library’s resources such as eBook downloads.”

[UPDATE II: Well, let’s consider the language below a first draft, as some of it is gone now. Check the current sched to see that there are now listed similar classes what focus on the iPad 2.]

Uh, our San Francisco Pubic Library has a “Chinese Center” that puts on bilingual demonstrations about how tablet PC’s like the Acer Iconia Tab and ASUS Eee Tab Transformer are better than Apple’s iPad 2?


San Francisco Public Library The Library’s Chinese Center hosts a demonstration about tablet computers from Taiwan in this bilingual program in Chinese and English: –  Sat, 10/15/2011, 1:30 – 3:30.”

Acer Inc., a  top computer company in Taiwan, and Central Computers Co. will talk and demo the features of the popular Acer Iconia Tab and ASUS Eee Tab Transformer, including what iPad 2 doesn’t have. The program will be in English and Chinese.”

O.K. then.

News to me…

WiFi is Your Best Friend When You’re Living in Your Car on the Streets of San Francisco

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

In many parts of the world, people have a place to live but they can’t afford a laptop PC or a car.

In San Francisco, things are a bit different:

Click to expand

For various reasons. (Can you list them?)

All the condensate on the windows – that’s how the SFPD knows you’re sleeping in your car. The cops don’t really care though.

(Your laptop keeps you in the loop and lets you look for work, of course.)

Anyway, this scene is a sign of the times, 2010s-style.

Prediction: The First iPad Theft on BART or MUNI will be Reported Wednesday at 5:00 PM

Monday, April 5th, 2010

That’s my guess anyway, in the pool I’m in, the First Apple iPad Theft on BART or MUNI pool.

I have April 7th from 5:00-6:00 PM – wish me luck. (Only genuine iPad thefts count, of course.)

Speaking of which, comes now the BART Police, reminding us to protect our coveted shinies when we’re on Bay Area Rapid Transit trains. Check it out, below.

BART police taking care of bidness near Civic Center Station. Is the TASER on the other side of the belt? No se:

Here it is, with more typos than an average post from this blog. Stay safe!


The Apple iPad was just released this past weekend, and commuters already are toting the tablet computers along on BART —  prompting lots of riders to report their first sightings of iPads “in the wild” on BART.

Along with attracting attention from curious commuters, the iPad — like other easily portable and expensive electronic devices — may also be a new target for potential thieves. BART Police are using the occasion as a reminder of general safety tips for protecting your personal property while on BART.

  • Stay alert and pay close attention to your surroundings. Those who “zone out” listening to music on their iPods, texting on their phones, playing video games or working on laptop computers make themselves easier targets.
  •  Hold on to your belongings – do not leave them lying out of your reach on the seat next to you or on the floor.
  •  Keep purses or backpacks close to the front of your body. On a crowded train, something hanging behind you might create a crime of opportunity for a thief.
  • If it is possible, don’t stand directly by the train doors with your electronic device, because that could give a thief an easier exit to “grab and go” as the door is closing.
  •  Be the eyes and ears for others around you to help create a safer community for everyone.
  • If you observe suspicious activity or a possible crime there are many ways to report it; visit the BART Safety Guidelines for more detail on what to do on a train or in a station.

Arrest #49 for Local Burglar – Baited Car in Golden Gate Park Proves Irresistable

Friday, July 31st, 2009

What items tempt you the most when you scan parked cars for Objects in Plain View  – would it be a laptop computer, an iPod, maybe a backpack? Well, be careful, cause when the SFPD baits cars for sting operations in Golden Gate Park, they sometimes use all three. (It’s almost like entrapment, or something. So tempting these parcels are, next thing you know, it’s smashy smashy!)

From the Richmond District Blog comes a sneak peek of Richmond Station Police Captain Richard Corriea‘s next weekly update for the Richmond District Police Community Police Forum. Read an entire entry below.

Is this a parking lot, a freeway, or Golden Gate Park‘s MLK Drive near the Inner Sunset on a recent Friday? Click to expand:

IMG_7201 copy

Yes, it’s MLK near the Friend Gate of Strybing Arboretum. Perhaps the cars huddle together for safety?

Here’s why:

“On July 25, 2009 Richmond [District] officers working in plain clothes staked out a car at Middle Drive and Bowling Green Drive in Golden Gate Park. There were several items of value in the car, including, a backpack, computer and an IPOD. The officers knew from experience that an auto burglar would find the car an appealing target. Indeed, several hours into the stakeout an individual burglarized the car, and he was immediately arrested. A subsequent search of the suspect turned up evidence from a theft committed nearby earlier in the day and narcotics. The suspect, who has been arrested forty-nine times, including thirty-one times for felonies, was booked for burglary, possession of stolen property, theft and a narcotics violation. This individual is likely responsible for several auto burglaries daily.”

How many car windows do you have to break to get a rap sheet this long – hundreds, thousands?

On It Goes…