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Two Wheels Bad, Three Wheels Good: Bikes aren’t Allowed on Market Street Sidewalks But Pedicabs are A-OK?

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011


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Welcome to Japantown, the Best Place to Buy “Expired” Food at a Discount in San Francisco – Now, Is That Legal?

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Answer: Sure, it’s legal, more or less, why not?


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As seen at Daiso, our relatively new 100-yen store. (Blade Runner, you were way off about The Future, BTW.)

So, mangia, mangia!

In other words, It’s All Good.

Ah memories:

As some people say, “I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to sell expired food.”

But, generally, it’s not.

As here, on Post Street at Ichi Ban Kan, where stuff that’s past its “Best If Used By Date” gets a fat discount and a special section and a pink label:

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Nothing illegal here, srsly.