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Know the LITTLES of Frisco: Little Italy, Little Russia and Little Osaka

Monday, March 27th, 2017

1 We call our little Italy North Beach even though it’s not all that far north, and it doesn’t have a beach, not anymore anyway. Tourists come here and they ask about Little Italy and everybody knows what they’re talking about.

It looks like this – the official SFGov Italian flag tells people from Chinatown that some would not approve of them trying to open businesses north of Broadway.


That’s JMO, but it’s true.

2) This one is harder. I’ve never heard of anybody IRL calling this area Little Russia, in all my years, but here it is on the Google Maps so it must be true.

Capturedsdeee copy

It looks like this, with onion domes and piroshki:

7J7C9197 copy

But I wouldn’t call this area Little Russia, it’s just another part of the Richmond.

3) And Little Osaka – man I saw that on an online map one time and at first I thought it was an act of vandalism/patriotism from somebody from Osaka, Japan’s third-largest city, kind of the Chicago of Japan, but no, it’s semi-official that Japantown is Little Osaka what with our “sister-city” relationship and all.


As seen on Post:


This is the hardest Little I know of. If you ask your Lyft driver to go there, you might end up here in Potrero.

And I guess we have a Little Saigon too, sort of, even though we don’t call Saigon Saigon anymo. But it’s easy to find – no confusion there…

This has been Know the LITTLES of Frisco: Little Italy, Little Russia and Little Osaka.

The Vanishing Construction Workers of San Francisco County Have Reappeared in Civic Center, Looks Like

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

Remember back in the day, back when construction workers spent 2008 pouring suspended slabs of steel-reinforced concrete to build the UC Hastings Garage just to the east of State Building in Civic Center (the one Arnold tried to sell to insiders last year, or something)? Things were looking grim.

But now things seem better, workwise. Here’s the lot just to the west of our State Building – it’s the new San Francisco PUC Building at 525 Golden Gate.

Big Blue, the Old Federal Building, will be harder to spot from Civic Center soon, that’s for sure…

Click to expand

Busy as a beaver high above the Civic Center / Tenderloin / Little Saigon area…

Oh Wow, Man, Just Wow: Little Saigon’s New Century – It’s Already Ten Percent Complete

Friday, March 25th, 2011

I don’t know, if ever ventured into the TL late at night with a tripod, I’d want back-up or something.

You know, like an armed guard, something like this:

(Easy Jen, that Leprechaun isn’t going to bother you any more.)

But The Tens, he don’t care, he flies solo.

Now, take a look at this – I recognize what I’m looking at but it seems like a dream. Click to expand:

Via The Tens

A beautiful dream…

Looks Like Everything’s Working Out for the 4-Star-Rated UC Hastings Law School Parking Garage in the Tenderloin

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Never really noticed the UC Hastings College of Law parking garage after it got finished, but it seems to be doing all right. It’s got a four star Yelp rating so that’s not bad for a such a battle-scarred structure.

If they could fill up the first floor retail spaces facing Larkin then we’d be all set, huh?

Click to expand

But the Vanishing Construction Workers of San Francisco who put this garage up have vanished once again. Oh well.

Abandoned Building Taken Over in the Tenderloin – 587 Eddy, Formerly the Leslie Hotel – World Homeless Day 10-10-10

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

[UPDATE: The TenderBlog has more deets and here’s an account from taker-overer Michael Steinberg.]  

Here it is, at the corner of Eddy and Larkin in the Tenderloin,* the former 68-room Leslie Hotel, formerly student housing for the California Culinary Academy, it’s 581 Eddy, or 587 Eddy if you’d prefer. See?

Click to expand

Well, it got taken over today. They’re calling it “Creative Housing Liberation.”

Steve Rhodes, who’s all over town, went up to the second floor this afternoon to capture the action: 

Via Steve Rhodes

Here are the deets from Steve:

“The organizers say the building has been empty for two years. It is a 7 story building. Photo taken from 2nd floor”
The latest word is that the SFPD is on the scene and that there’s a party in the street.
And this is from the IndyBay:
“San Francisco – A crowd of 100 , made up of homeless individuals, community leaders, activists, immigrant community members, families and children,
have taken over the previously vacant Leslie Hotel at 581 Eddy St. Creative Housing Liberation is taking direct action on 10/10/10, the first annual World Homeless Day, by staging a public ‘open occupation’ of vacant residential Leslie Hotel in Downtown San Francisco.”

Now, would you like to buy it?

All the deets:

Total Annual Income: $775,200

Total Monthly Income: $64,600

SRO Total (projected $800 mo. ea.) $56,000

Commercial Total (projected) $8,600

Commercial Space (vacant) $3,000 per month

Sandwich Shop $1,500 per month

Liquor Store $2,600 per month

Sushi Restaurant $1,500 per month


  • N/A
  • 68
  • 29,171 SF
  • Hotel & Motel
  • Economy/ Limited Service
  • Investment
  • 12.47%
  • 5,031 SF

Last Verified  12/3/2009Listing ID  16306009


“PRICE REDUCTION, MOTIVATED SELLER” The Leslie Hotel is centrally located at the corner of Eddy and Larkin, the gateway to San Francisco’s bustling “Little Saigon” district, where two eight ton granite and marble pillars stand as a symbol of peace and happiness for the community. The Leslie Hotel is a six story, 29,171-square foot concrete building on a 5,031-square foot lot. The hotel consists of 68 guest rooms, many with views and all with private bathrooms. 48 of the rooms are designated for tourist hotel use and 20 are residential hotel rooms, which can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis. Additionally, there is a one-bedroom/one-bathroom managers unit. 

During the past 10+ years, the hotel portion of the property was master leased to California Culinary Academy as student housing. Recently vacated by the Academy, a rare opportunity exists for a new owner to renovate the hotel with complete flexibility. At ground level there are four highly sought after commercial spaces providing immediate in place income.

The Leslie Hotel sits directly across the street from the Phoenix Hotel which is owned and operated by Joie De Vivre Hospitality the largest independent hotel owner and operator in the State of California. This vibrant changing neighborhood is home to many hip new restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It is also conveniently located to San Francisco City Hall, Civic Center, Asian Art Museum, Public Library, Davies Symphony Hall, War Memorial Opera House and many more San Francisco landmarks. 

For a qualified investor the seller has a lender who has informed them they will put a first deed of trust on the property. This opportunity will allow an investor to acquire a completely vacant hotel in the high barriers to entry San Francisco hopitality market.

Ever more deets, after the jump

*Or, the Uptown Tenderloin(!) [chuckle], or “Uptown” [doubleplus chuckle]. Or, more seriously, Little Saigon.


5th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration a Huge Success

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

First of all, anybody who thinks 100,000 souls attended the 5th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration in the Civic Center last weekend needs to put down the crack pipe and come back to Earth. Can you hear me Major Tom? Can you hear me Major Tom?  I’m not even sure the Rule of Three could get you to a reasonable estimate. But if you want to chalk that six-figure number up to puffery or mindless boosterism, feel free.

Having said that, it appears that the AHSC has found a good home on Larkin Street betwixt Little Saigon and the Asian Art Museum. Last year’s venue in Japantown was not without controversy, but the clucking NIMBYs of notorious 1600 Webster (seriously, who would want to live with those people – they’re a laughingstock) have uttered nary a peep regarding this go-around in 2009, so they appear to be fine with the AHSC as long as it’s held a mile away from their condos. That’s what makes them NIMBY’s. Fair enough.

Here we go. Everybody seemed to being a good time, under the pouring sun:

There was some kind of parade going on – it was hard to tell. Larkin Street isn’t used to this kind of pageantry.

Hamburgerpanda made the scene. Natch.

And now it’s time for the Import Car Show. Check out this Beast from the East – Brampton, Ontario in Canada to be precise. But look how Brampton Comes Alive! with the scissor doors. Here it is, some kind of Chrysler, the El Diablo SRT-8:

The gritty nitty. Yes, it’s a Hemi:

What happens when the insanely wide rear tires on your Lexus are dialed in with insanely negative camber? What happens is every spring shower results in a vernal pool, ready for the rubber duckies:

Now, speaking of “schlocky souvenirs and mediocre food stands,” you had that in spades last Saturday – but what do you expect? It’s a San Francisco street fair, right? If you don’t want to buy a purse, don’t buy a purse.

Or magnets. Always with the magnets. I asked about snake oil – they were all out but they said they could order some for me.

And who else but The Supreme Master to round out the show?

I missed all the anime stuff, and the Thai kick-boxing and Assemblywoman Fiona Ma‘s talk and a bunch of other things as well probably. Oh well. Events like this are part of what makes San Francisco San Francisco. It’s good that the AHSC could find a home this year.

The New UC Hastings Law School Parking Garage is Finally Up in Civic Center

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Well, here it is. After all kinds of stress and strife, the University of California, Hastings College of the Law parking garage / multi-use building in the Civic Center / Tenderloin area (aka Little Saigon) looks done from the outside.

Soon the legal eaglets at the largest and oldest law school in the West (yes, older than vaunted Boalt Hall across the estuary in Berkeley) will be able to easily descend from their nests at historic 100 McAllister or the “Book Concern Building” to get to their small German cars – without hogging up spaces at the Civic Center Parking Garage (aka Victory Garden Basement).

Note the “sickly green tiling” put in by the Vanishing Construction Workers of San Francisco County.

Click to expand.

It’s up… and it’s good! Three points for UC Hastings.

Recession? San Francisco’s Little Saigon Invites You to Lunch

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

San Francisco’s newest, littlest neighborhood, Little Saigon, would like you to come on over to Larkin Street for lunch, why not? There’s no special promotion going on right now, but you can get good food for not so much money 365 days a year.

See what Yelp has to say and then head out.

The entrance to LS, complete with a greeter:

Click to expand

Things sure are busy at Lee’s Sandwiches – you can start an argument by talking about this joint, but it certainly is popular at lunchtime.

See you there!

Update, from the people: Wrap Delight, Larkin near Golden Gate, has great banh mi sandwiches.  A lot of people swear by Saigon up the street, but I find Wrap Delight a little better.  And they’re like $2.50. Definitely better than Lee’s.  I went there once.  Doesn’t compare.”

The Vanishing Construction Workers of San Francisco County

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Now back in the day, it was easy to see construction workers on the job. All you had to do was look up through the I-beams and see them walking around. Those were the days, see?  

But these days, due to changing construction techniques using concrete, rebar, and whatnot, you need to get above the workers to see them at labor. These folks are mostly out of view after the first floor gets done. Here, they work on the third floor.

Pretty soon, you wont see the cars of UC Hastings Law School students and staff clogging up the parking spaces of Civic Center  and Little Saigon thanks to this new mixed-use building that’s still going up.

Click to expand.

The other problem with seeing these people at work is that these jobs are drying up lately.

Good-bye construction workers of San Francisco. See you again in a year or two?

San Francisco’s Little Saigon is Open for Business

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Check it out – a busload of touristas passing through the newly installed “gate” of Little Saigon on Larkin Street. Almost like Chinatown, huh?

Thus spaketh San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly:

“These pillars will attract some attention and foot traffic to Little Saigon”

Looks like that’s all working out, and without the rancor that they’re having down in San Jose.