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Rec and Park’s 86th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting is ON, Rain or Shine – Here’s How Things Look Now

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

It’s a bit soggy out there today, but oh well – the show must go on, but perhaps without any (artificial / trucked in) snow this year, one supposes:

IMG_8559 copy

86th Annual Holiday Tree Lighting

December 3 @ 4:00 pm8:00 pm

tree lighting banner web

Join us for our 86th Annual Holiday Tree Lighting, featuring sledding, snow play area, rides and games, Cookie Factory, live entertainment, caroling and a visit from Santa!


Generously supported by Kaiser Permanente,, with support from Devil’s Teeth Bakery and Bi-Rite Market.

McLaren Lodge is located at 501 Stanyan Street in Golden Gate Park.

The View You Get From the Cavallo Point Lodge Looking Towards San Francisco – It Includes a Lot of Dead Grass, As It Should

Friday, November 14th, 2014

I’ve never stayed at the Lodge myself, but it looks pretty sweet.

A slower pace of life:

7J7C9292 copy

These days, the Great Lawn is full of brown grass:

7J7C9284 copy

When oh when will our drought end?

“San Francisco City Family” Union Lawyer Vince Courtney Threatens YouTube and Vimeo Over This Video?

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Well, let’s see, the last time I checked into this incident in Golden Gate Park from 2010 involving union lawyer Vince Courtney was this:

Embarassed San Francisco Lawyer Requests and Gets a YouTube Takedown, To No Avail

But recently, like this month, Vimeo too, has acted, so, once again, you couldn’t see what occurred on your PC or whatever.

But now, look what just popped up on the YouTube:

Encounter with Vince Courtney, Part Two

IMO, back then and now, lawyer Vince Courtney got outfoxed* by a layperson.**

But You Make The Call:

I don’t know, if I were a certain attorney, I’d let sleeping dogs lie.

But that’s just me…

*I can explain to you how “street mediation” works, you know, when conducted by peace officers in this kind of situation. Could this lawyer have been arrested? I don’t know. But he seemed afraid of something. 

**I mean, he just pushed and pushed until he got the most he could possibly get, and he got it all recorded, and then posted it for tout le monde to see. That’s called advocacy.

From Obama to Nobama: Official San Francisco Says No to Obama-Themed Christmas Train This Year

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Observe, that at first there was nothing desirable to be seen, for Mclaren Lodge Lawn was without form, and void; it was confusion, and emptiness.

And then, the Pikachu train came on the scene.

Click to expand

And it was Good.

But not good enough, for then, He arrived. See?

As seen a few years back:

This made national news. (Hey whatever happened to Zoe Stagg, anyway?)

Then it was all like this:

(Artist’s conception, but the window was painted over for a while.)

And then it was all like this*

And now, just before the Great Lighting Ceremony of 2011, there’s no train at all:

Poor Obama!

(I’ll check and see if the Obama train pops up before Christmas. It’s a mystery to me. Of course, this is in Golden Gate Park on public land, as is the Prayer Book Cross and other things. Sometimes, We, those of us way out West, lose track of that nettlesome Bill of Rights.)

*Fear the beard and all. You know, I don’t think certain people, people like MC Hammer, understand that they threw their weight behind the Republican choice** for Mayor, understand that they (blindly?) supported the first choice of just 7% of San Francisco. We’ll see if they do this again. 

**Ed Lee was the only viable candidate on the San Francisco Republican’s Endorsements webpage. 

Will the Presidio’s Main Post Theatre Ever Reopen? Big Meeting This Monday – Plus $20 Pizza/Bowling Every Sunday!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

(I’ll tell you, Ken Garcia never seems to take on the maudlin tone that’s the hallmark of a typical CW Nevius effort, so that’s good, but Garcia has some sort of Catholic school ardor that blinded him from the realities of that whole Yale Choir / Local Bully Boys / “My Boys Are Coming” New Year’s incident. So call it a wash betwixt the Frick and Frack of local commentary.)

Anyway, the big Presidio Trust meeting is coming up. Will we get a lodge? Well, who would want to operate it, who would want to deal with the Presidio Hysterical Association and the wealthy, white, weathering NIMBYs in San Francisco’s Great White North? Maybe a non-profit?

And will the 1000-seat Main Post Theatre ever get used again? Speaking of non-profits, I think it’s the San Francisco Film Society what wants to run the joint, have three screens and 600 seats, run little festivals and whatnot. (You know who funds those who oppose ever using the theatre again? The owners of neighboring theatres! Isn’t that funny! You can ask these melon farmers all about it.)

Our moribund Main Post Theatre. Don’t use it, don’t touch it, else you’ll upset area NIMBYs/HYSTERIC SOCIETIES/THEATRE OWNERS. No no, just lock it up forever and let “arrested decay” do its magic. Bode, CA, here we come:

Anyway, the Presidio Bowling Center rolls on, surprisingly resilient. (I thought the wrecking ball would have taken it down by now, shows what I know. I still think it’s doomed, long-term.) (And check out the time that Check, Please reviewed the snack bar as if it were a restaurant right here. Snooty lady walked out is what happened. Good times.)

Anyway, they have a deal for you. Check it:

Oh, here we are, the crux of the matter. Area NIMBYs will have to cool their heels before getting a chance to tell tout le monde about where they were born, how long they’ve lived on which street, where their kids went to college, etc. And then they’ll say how they’re going to move away from Cow Hollow if a lodge goes in, how Their Lives Will Be Ruined.

You’ll see:

1. Approval of Minutes
2. Board Chair’s Reports
3. Executive Director’s Report
a. Partner Reports – National Park Service and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
4. Project Updates
a. Visitor Center Update
b. El Polin Spring Update
5. Public Comment

All the deets, it just goes on and on…

How Wude! Barack Obama Painted Over in Golden Gate Park – The “Yes We Can Express” Replaced by Giants Fever

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Barack Obama fever has given way to Giants fever, it would seem.

Check it out tonight at 5:00 PM when the Christmas Tree lighting gets going.

From this, a couple years back:

Click to expand

To this, last week*

To this, currently:

Poor Obama!

*Artist’s conception, but the window was all painted over last weekend

The Presidio Historical Association, Once Again, Says No No No to Everything – Trust Meeting December 8th, 2010

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

[UPDATE: Whoops, the meeting, she’s postponed:

“Due to unavoidable scheduling challenges, we regret that the Presidio Trust Public Board of Directors meeting that had been scheduled for Wednesday, December 8, must be postponed. We will reschedule this meeting as early as possible in the new year and will notify the community via Presidio eNews and Thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, please contact the Presidio Trust at (415) 561-5418.”]

I’m not sure if the concept of the Presidio getting a lodge at some point will be “the topic” of the Presidio Trust Board Meeting on December 8th, but the Presidio Historical Association says it will be so there you go.

Anyway, something’s on their minds nowadays.

Read all about it, after the jump


The New, More Internet-Friendly KQED Covers the Proposed “Monster Hotel” (aka Lodge) of the Presidio

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

The big news of last night’s Presidio Trust Board of Director’s meeting was the debut of three new members, all appointed by President Barack Obama hisself.

The other news comes from the new, more Internet-friendly KQED. Here’s their take on the proposed “hotel-style lodge” (or is it a lodge-style hotel? Don’t know.):

(Oh yes, you Adobe Flash-haters / HTML 5-lovers should simply avert your gaze at that link. Sorry iPadders, email Steve Jobs or somebody if you can’t listen in…)

Can you hear all that, from area super-NIMBY David Bancroft, and from Presidio Hysterical Association President Gary Widman talking about “monster hotels,” and from Presidio Trust spokesperson Tia Lombardi  talking about how quiet the place is these days and how the Main Post needs to be a “more public place?”

For the record, this is what a “monster hotel” looks like, IRL. Just to give some needed sperpective, this joint is 50 times bigger than anything proposed at the Presidio:

Und here’s what we’re talking about, more or less, again IRL and not from some fretful NIMBY’s fever dream / nightmare. The boxes on the left are what I’m guessing the nascent proposal will be like:

Anyway, this ado will go on for years….

When NIMBYs Attack: Presidio Historical Association Fights Presidio Lodge, Theatre Tonight at 6:30 PM

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Oh, it’s on. It’s going to be on at our Presidio Trust‘s Board of Direcor’s meeting tonight at 6:30 PM.

Why, well it’s cause the Presidio Historical Association, area NIMBYs, and local business interests will  be on hand to object to anybody competing with existing lodging and entertainment purveyors outside of the Presidio. That’s why.

Now, this was the before and after for the lodge that was proposed a couple years back:

Do you think that the proposed buildings would have interfered with the historic Great Parking Lot of Northern San Francisco? I don’t, but the motel owners of Lombard Street didn’t like the idea one bit. We’ll have to wait and see how the new proposal for a lodge fares.

Same thing with the Main Post Theatre. This shot is from while ago but I’m sure the view of the moribund lobby is the same:

There are proposals to reopen this real Presidio Theatre with fewer seats than it had back in the day. But, again, that runs up against interests of those who own theatres outside of the Presdio. Oh well.

(Man, how the NIMBYs would squeal if all those thousands of horny military mens and womens came back to the Presidio to breath the air and clog up the streets. Wouldn’t that be a nightmare scenario, having those, those people in our hair again?)

Anyway, see you after the jump, where you can see the board’s agenda, the PHA’s POV and a statement from one of the District 2 Supervisor candidates.


Embarassed San Francisco Lawyer Requests and Gets a YouTube Takedown, To No Avail

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Get up to speed here.

Turns out that YouTube just took down the video, not sure why.

Anyway, here it is, once again.  

On it goes…