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Woman at Asian Art Museum Sees Historic Japanese “Friendship Dolls” for the First Time in 82 Years

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Our Asian Art Museum is currently presenting “Japan’s Early Ambassadors to San Francisco, 1860–1927,” which features two of the fifty-eight Friendship Dolls sent to San Francisco as “goodwill ambassadors” from Japan in 1927. Per Timothy Hallman, Director of Marketing & Communications:

“These dolls arrived first in San Francisco, where they were and feted and displayed—first in the Japantown school Kinmon Gakuen (lit, “Golden Gate Institute”) and then in San Francisco City Hall—before traveling across the country meeting mayors and ambassadors and ending up in Washington D.C.

Yesterday, ninety-year old Lois Mackay (nee Lois Nicholson) visited the museum to view the dolls. As an eight year old in 1928, she officially participated in one of the ceremonies in Niagara Falls, NY. She is the young girl on the right in the 1928 photo, and is mentioned in the press clipping.

According to her daughter Pat, Lois remembers the original event quite clearly, and often speaks of it fondly.”

So, there’s Lois in 1928, on the right: 

And here she is yesterday at the AAA in Civic Center with the very same doll, just 82 years later:

Via Nichole Harvey

All the deets:

Up next at our AAA is Beyond Golden Clouds: Five Centuries of Japanese Screens 

It’ll start October 15th, 2010 – see you there!