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Stow Lake is Closed From September 19-23, Per This Sign – A Quiet Time for the Boathouse

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Here’s a tour of the Stow Lake Boathouse area these days.

Looks like you won’t be able to park your car around the lake this week:

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They’ll probably let you walk around most of the place most of the time, but the whole area will be getting worked on through the end of September 2011, looks like.

The boats are gone:


And the protest signs as well:

Frank Klein has the keys now:

“Got the keys to Stow Lake Boathouse today! Great feeling beginning to restore this landmark property for the next generations of SF residents”

Mayor Ed Lee’s “City Family” Evicts Stow Lake Boathouse Operator – Rent-Free Blowout Party Sept 10th

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

Well, you probably already know all you want to know about the Stow Lake Boathouse, but here’s the latest.

(Oh, Joan, this vendor lost 5-0. Was that competition rigged, do you think? I don’t know, if you don’t like Rec and Park, you take it out on the Mayor, right?)

The case against the current operator:

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IndyBay weighs in:

“The local concessioner is being evicted by SF Rec & Park in retaliation for protesting unfair bidding process.”

Uh no, it’s more like local concessioner refuses to leave after losing competition, legal proceedings. IMO.

Let’s see, I can write maudlin headlines too. How could I spin a different type of possible news:

“Beloved, local 68-year-old rapist apprehended by vacationing, off-duty, out-of-state, evil cop from New Mexico.”

Or something like that.

Now, realize that the boathouse isn’t going anywhere, IRL, but, anyway here are the last gasps of the most ridiculous grass roots effort I’ve ever seen:

“Yet another treasure lost!”

And Phil Ginsburg Lied, People Died, something like that:

Do the blondie Euro tourists care that the Stow Lake Boathouse will have a new operator?

Not in the least!

The only thing left to do is to have a blowout party on September 10th, since, you know, you’re not paying rent anyway:

It’ll cost $500 each* (or best offer) for the faded paddleboats. Apparently, they went for $3000 when new. Apparently, their faded surfaces will “buff out real good.” (But if you’re 5’8″ or taller, you won’t fit in so hot…)

The KTVU was on hand, for the finale:

Maybe they’ll have something for you to watch, sometime. (Oh, here it is. This report is somewhat more maudlin than expected. Realize that the current operators were given extra points for being local, for being in operation for so long. Even with this kind of affirmative action/legacy/locals-only type of assistance, the current operator lost five votes to zero. Oh well.)

All right, as long as nobody torches the place this month (which would take some doing in this kind of foggy weather), look forward to a revivified Stow Lake Boathouse soon…

*Oh, the old paddle boats “start at $200,” per KTVU-TV. Hey, why not buy one and then put rubber tires underneath? You’d be all set for the Burning Man Playa next year, or a Critical Mass or something. Hey, even better, pilot the thing to La Playa in Nevada next year, why not? That would be quite a road trip…

How Much Money is the City Getting from Renting Out the Busy Stow Lake Boathouse This Summer: How About Zero Dollars?

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Well, here’s the answer to the question Whatever Happened to That Promised Stow Lake Boathouse Eviction?

It proceeds, slowly but surely, AFAIK.

That takes time.

In the meantime, it’s bidness as usual at the old boathouse this summer excepting that the tenant running the boathouse isn’t paying rent to the City and County of San Francisco no mo, apparently.

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Are we ever going to see that money?

Is this why the current tenant isn’t leaving the way it should have already?

And didn’t the existing tenant lose 5-0 when compared with the incoming tenant?


And yet…

Hey, Whatever Happened to That Promised Stow Lake Boathouse Eviction? The Stow Lake Corporation Carries On, Regardless

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Looks like business is booming in Golden Gate Park these days.

But weren’t we supposed to have our upgrades and whatnot by now?

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Why is the Stow Lake Corporation still onsite at this late date?


Stow Lake Boathouse Endgame: The Looming Eviction in Golden Gate Park

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Simple-minded Susan Dyer Reynolds weighs in, once again, on the Boathouse at Stow:

“At a hearing last month, Judge Loretta Giorgi seemed to be leaning the same way, chastising Recreation and Park officials for not turning over e-mail correspondence, and awarding a temporary restraining order allowing current leaseholder Bruce McLellan to stay put, stating that the awarding of the contract to the Ortegas “didn’t pass the smell test.” But at a hearing held May 17, Giorgi did a 180, saying there “is no evidence of favoritism, fraud or corruption.’’

Uh no, Judge Giorgo didn’t seem to be leaning the same way, actually. (TRO’s are easy to get, of course.) And no, Judge Giorgi didn’t say that “awarding the contract” didn’t pass the smell test. So no, Judge Giorgi didn’t do a 180. She looked into things and decided that the Stow Lake Corporation probably won’t win at trial.

(Geez, how simple are you?)

Anyway, I’ll post again when the Sheriff comes by to pick up the boats.

Here’s an update for the meantime…

A somewhat rainy Saturday afternoon in June:

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And these were the sole customers to be seen on Sunday:

On It Goes…