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No Amount of Arguing Will Fix Your Parking Ticket in Golden Gate Park

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Here’s what the Golden Gate Park park patrol will tell you when you complain about the parking ticket that you just got – they’ll tell you to just file a protest. The problem with that is that process would appear to more trouble for this irate LS460-driving yuppie than just paying the $88 plus whatever fees they’ve tacked on these days at Customer Service.

(That’s right, this tourist is now a “customer” of the DPT or MTA or whatver they call themselves these days.)

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Now if you point out that these people are handing out red zone tickets at a “red” curb that has no signs and, in fact, has 95% of the red paint worm away, they’ll just talk about how “Crazy” Rob Anderson‘s court injunction prevents anything from getting done. Oh well.

Welcome to San Francisco…