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Look, BART: Now You’ve Made the Atlantic Monthly – Director James Fang Corruption – BARTtv Off the Air

Friday, August 26th, 2011

The Atlantic – that’s one for scrapbook, huh BART?

“Director Lynnette Sweet’s line of inquiry to BART police Chief Kenton Rainey seemed to indicate the board is out of the loop. The process of the decision to cut phone service had never been explained to them. While Rainey and interim General Manager Sherwood Wakeman continued to take personal responsibility, they spoke elliptically about the process of making and executing on the decision. That is to say, they dodged. The conversation between Sweet, Rainey, and Wakeman was strained, with both men speaking with halting, defensive voices, after clear and easy speeches earlier in the session.”

Via Steve Rhodes

California Watch:

“BART Director James Fang accepted $7,000 in campaign contributions this year from a contractor with business pending before the transit agency, in apparent violation of BART’s conflict of interest regulations.”

And what happened to BARTtv? No updates lately? Kell domage. ‘Cause, you know, I Love Big Brother. I want my BARTtv.

And what’s this, starting salary for the BART Police is (or was) just $40k-something a year? That’s not too much, is it? How does that compare with the SFPD, which has an $85,000 per year minimum? Could that explain a few differences? And you have train drivers making six figures? Maybe drivers make too much and your cops not enough. Just asking. Maybe you should pay your police more up front and then you wouldn’t have to do the pension spiking?

BART, are you the worst public agency in California?