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New Pavement for Scott Street – Smoother Ride for Bikes Wiggling on Routes 30, 47

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Here’s what Scott Street looks like these days in the Lower Haight – new macadam is a coming.

What’s next, the Scott Street Bike Lane project? Possibly.


And of course, there’s always the Snick route on McAllister as an alternative to The Wiggle. Your choice. (McAllister was scheduled for a striped Class II bike lane going uphill through the Fillmore, but that’s on the back burner for now.)

No matter, all wheeled vehicles will soon be enjoying a smoother ride on this short stretch of Scott.

Project 3-5 Scott Street Bicycle Lane, Fell Street to Oak Street

This project would involve the installation of a Class II left-turn bicycle lane in the northbound direction on Scott Street between Oak Street and Fell Street. This project includes two design options:

Option 1 would add a northbound Class II left-turn bicycle lane by removing the left-turn lanes on northbound Scott Street approaching Fell Street and on southbound Scott Street approaching Oak Street. No parking spaces would be removed under Option 1.

Option 2 would add a northbound Class II left-turn bicycle lane by narrowing travel lanes and removing approximately three parking spaces from the west side of Scott Street between Fell Street and Oak Street. The existing left-turn lanes approaching Fell Stree and Oak Street would not change under Option 2.