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Maltese Falcon Movie Iconography on the Streets of San Francisco

Friday, February 20th, 2009

This is what you can see on the streets of San Francisco in the greater Tenderloin, Union Square, Nob Hill, Chinatown area – window graphics like that seen in the Maltese Falcon movie of 1941. (By the way, did you know that Google Search actually places Tom Perkins’ embarrassingly, ridiculously large boat above the damn novel it’s named for? Which is better, the film or the vessel? Which cost more to produce? Sic transit gloria mundi, that’s some amazing Search Engine Optimization right there, brother.)

Was this a residence of writer Dashiell Hammett, or perhaps an apartment featured in the famous novel? Sign up for the Dashiell Hammett Tour to find out.  

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Tom Perkins’ Big Boat Gets into a Little Accident

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Daniel Steel’s fifth husband, Tom Perkins, might just have more boat than he can handle, judging by the fact that it’s been listed for sale already.

recent collision with Nordic 40 footer Stand-By (see damage here) near the Bay Bridge won’t help resale value. The main lower topsail (note gaping hole here) (I’ll take the mizzen topgallant to block, Peter) will never be the same, anyway.

Poor Tom!

The Maltese Falcon with Belvedere in the background, as seen from low rent San Francisco. Click to expand.

Former Mr. Danielle Steel Floats His Big Boat to San Francisco

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

The former Mr. Danielle Steel, Tom Perkins, had his large sailboat come visit San Francisco yesterday. The Maltese Falcon is certainly the largest sailing yacht in the Bay Area these days, so that’s something to crow about.

via Inky’s photostream

Let’s hope T.P. doesn’t run afoul of the Board of Equalization, which loves to tax boats and airplanes that alight in California.

“90-Day Test.” If the property is purchased (delivered) and functionally used (does not include storage) outside of California for more than 90 days, it is presumed to have been purchased for use outside California. However, if the property enters California during the first 90 days of ownership, it can still be considered not purchased for use in California if it can be verified that the property was used or stored outside California more than one-half of the time during the six month period following its entry into this state.

(Make sure you save the receipts for all the diesel this thing burns Tom!)

Look for this giant moored near Tiburon.

Happy Sailing.   

[This is good]: Just What is the Mysterious Website All About?

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

No, not the moribund, we’re talking about the very secretive, very active If you mention the name of their URL, some of these secretive people just might come after you, as Laura K. discovered:

“Now I’m receiving nasty emails from this filepile crew. Apparently I had the audacity to mention their secret sandbox in public and it made them cry.”

What does the site look like? How about this (minus the kitteh)? Or this screenshot from when they “went spooky” last Halloween:


These thousands of Filepilers might practically control the Internets and yet some of them claim they’re “not notable”? It seems Anil Dash got close to the truth while ago, but can we rely on what he says? Many private organizations have Wiki entries, but not Why’s that?

[Update: A certain Mr. Jacob I. has offered to hand over a valid user name and password for filepile but only in person and at some hard-to-find street in Burlingame (of all places). Frank says he has plenty of gas and he’s sure he can find the place, so we’re heading down there now. Wish us luck!]

[ReUpdate: Well we never found that place in San Mateo County. The address didn’t show up on Google Maps and the directions we had wound us up at McGraw’s Grocery. Frank said the whole deal was a “bum steer.” Man,  looks like it’s going to be tough to get a password. Oh well. We made the best of it by having dinner at Joanie’s “Happy Days” Diner (did ABC license this name?) and then ended up at the loungey Vinyl Room. B’Game rocks! (but “JacobY” sucks :(). Frank said the FPers would probably launch a “Dawes’ Attack” to take down my “crappy little WordPress.” But let’s worry about that tomorrow!] [Maltese Falcon references=OFF]

[Captain’s Log, supplemental: So could be described as a cross between Digg and craigslist. You have an old-school interface (like craigslist) that shows interesting links, but there’s also a rating system (like Digg) that allows users to easily get to the good stuff. Self-policing serves to prevent too much snooping from the RIAA or the (American) Feds. has perhaps 10,000 accountholders with a few thousand especially active members. The reason why evidence of such an active site doesn’t show up anywhere, is that rejects robots crawling all over it, which is fair enough. The reason why they don’t have a Wikipedia entry is that FPers will sign up for a Wiki account just to say how FP shouldn’t be on the Wiki. Mystery solved. Carry on, my wayward sons (you got to wait for the good part, just like on this one)]

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