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Your Police Station’s Daily Overnight Crime-Accident Update: Available on the Twitter These Days, Probably

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Does your police station/area Captain/area Commander have its/his/her very own Twitter feed these days? If not, why not?

This is how the Richmond District Police Station does it, for example:

3/24@1115PM Victim on 38 Geary bus fell asleep listening to iPhone. She woke up when her music stopped. 4 perps took the phone & fled*

3/25@658AM Fulton@Park Presidio-car making right turn struck pedestrian in the X-walk. Ped taken to hospital by ambulance.

Now of course, there are others who got going last year and before, like Captain Ann Mannix in the Western Addition.

What about your police station? What’s it Twitter?

Geary Boulevard, the No Left Turn world champ:

What’s that, you don’t have a Twitter feed available for your area?

Well, why not? Ask for one, if you want.

*Or get a Microsoft Zune HD instead for like $100 –  nobody will try to steal it, I can guarantee you that.

Criminals From Back East Cold-Busted at Marina Apple Store – Stolen Credit Cards Used to Buy Mad Apple Products

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Police Captain Ann Mannix of Northern Station took time out of her bizzay sked to Tweet about a couple fraud arrests in the Great White North:

“Great fraud arrest on wed, Apple Store victim; 2 suspects arrested with lots of Apple products from many stores in Salifornia  bought with stolen credit cards, both suspects flew in from east coast for their spree.”

Criminals just love Apple products, huh?

This is how employees of the Apple Store on Chestnut greeted me when I walked in the joint on Opening Day back in aught-seven. Good times…

Let’s hope nobody else messes with the Big Apple: