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The San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival Runs into a Few Permit Hassles

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Here’s how things progressed on Saturday for the permit-free Bicycle Music Festival. (It appears that San Francisco’s Park Rangers have learned how to glean info from the Internet.) Follow the action via the Twitter

9:19 AM: “We’ve just arrived at Marx Meadow to be greeted by a Park Ranger…first hurdle?”

9:53 AM: “Does anyone know Jared Blumenthal [Blumenfeld, actually – it means “field of flowers” if that helps you to remember] or Mayor Newsome [Newsom]? Please call us.”

10:06 AM: “We have to move from Marx Meadow to Ocean Beach. Call/txt your friends to let them know.”

10:51 AM: “Okay, we’ve set up at Lindley Meadow, just a couple meadows down from Marx. Come join!”

But this event was too big to just fly under the radar. So part of this crew showed up at the opening of the Harvey Milk Center for the Recreational Artsin Duboce park to try address the permit issue. Here’s what the ongoing conversation looked like:

IMG_7884 copy

Looks like an impasse:

IMG_7892 copy

Oh well. They pedaled away on contraptions like these – this is the flight deck.IMG_7877 copy

Catch the rest of the action over at Mission Mission.

Better luck next year!

Another Blockbuster Exhibition in San Francisco: Women Impressionists at the Legion of Honor

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Brace yourself for the latest museum blockbuster in San Francisco: Women Impressionists: Berthe Morisot, Mary Cassatt, Eva Gonzalès, Marie Bracquemond over at the Legion of Honor Museum. It’s going to be huge.

The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco helpfully note that although this foursome “did not form a cohesive sisterhood” (ala Le Sexe Dans La Ville, 2008), at least they “associated with each other and shared a desire to be taken seriously in the male-dominated art world of late-ninteenth-century France.” Cliquez sur pour augmenter:


You’ll also need to brace yourself for the retort major patron Diane B. Wilsey had for those critiques d’art who feel there have been too many “costume shows” around town over the past several years. Here’s what Dede had to say yesterday:

“Get over it!”


Well, O.K. then.

On a related note, can you guess what’s coming to town soon? YSL! Yes, we’ll be getting an exhibition featuring about 145 of Yves Saint Laurent’s best ensembles, in a collaboration with Fondation Pierre Berge Yves Saint Laurent in Paris and The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. It will look a little something like this when it gets here.

And speaking of upcoming events, the latest iteration of the Cinema Supper Club, From the Golden Gate to the Silver Screen, starts up next month.

But let’s leave that for the future. Women Impressionists starts June 21, 2008.


Get your tickets here, unless the whole affair is too bourgy for you (as it might be for Kenneth Baker, but it’s hard tell what he thinks).

Visitor in Hat and Coat Holding Maltese Dog:


No matter, grab your hat and your Maltese and see you there!