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Hey District Five! If You Voted for John Avalos for Mayor, then You Shouldn’t Vote for Christina Olague – Here’s Why

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

This here is the Google Maps StreetView view of where District 5 Supervisor Candidate Julian Davis was living* last year.

Do you see the signs for John AVALOS for Mayor? They’re all over the place:

Click to expand

Hey, didn’t D5 go for Avalos over Ed Lie** two to one? I think so.

Hey, didn’t Christina Olague actively support Ed Lie OVER John Avalos, the second-place finisher?

So how can she say she’s a “progressive?” She’s a Progressive Sellout, sure, but not a progressive, not anymore, not if you start off as a Green Party member and then go Democrat and then cross the aisle and work for the San Francisco Repulican Party’s choice for Mayor for the sole reason of getting appointed as District Five Supervisor after Ross Mirkarimi won the Sheriff’s race?

Hey Christina, is Ed Lee a progressive too? Oh really? Then what do you call John Avalos?

Hey Christina, if you’re a progressive, then why don’t any progressives endorse you? You ever think about that? Have you seen this one:

District 5 supervisorial candidate Julian Davis is emerging as the progressive standard-bearer in that competitive race after today receiving the endorsements of a trio of top progressive politicians: Sups. John Avalos and David Campos and attorney Matt Gonzalez, the former board president, mayoral candidate, and D5 supervisor.” 

So, yes Christina, you’re more progressive than London Breed, the other person Mayor Ed Lie considered appointing. But he appointed you for a reason. He appointed you to vote as you please on whatever small, picayune issues that you want, but to vote with him on the votes that he really cares about.

That’s what makes you a sellout. You’re using your sort of hippy-dippy background to try to fool the voters of D5.

Oh well.

*I thought that this address might be his HQ and I wanted to see if the building was residential or commercial. Turns out that his HQ isn’t around yet but it will open up at 10AM this Saturday in the Lower Haight area, possibly at the location of the former Vapor Room, anyway, somewhere around there.

**Everything that man says is a lie. He doesn’t know how not to lie anymore. Check it. “Quite candidly…?” “Quite frankly…?” That’s what he says right before he tells another whopper.  

Former Board of Supervisors President Matt Gonzalez is Still Around – NoPA Sighting Near the Popeye’s

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Oh, he works for Jeff Adachi now.

Did not know that.

Holding court on Divis:

Click to expand

Wonder what he’s up to, you know, politicswise…

Oh No, Ed Lee! Mayor Campaign Kickoff a Huge Success – Hundreds on Hand Plus Willie Brown and Rose Pak

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

(Through all of this, which is unprecedented, really, please remember: “Interim” Mayor Edwin Lee didn’t ask to be short-roped to the summit:

For her part, Pittman didn’t ask to be short-roped. As she left Camp Four at the front of Fischer’s group, Lopsang abruptly pulled her aside and girth-hitched a length of rope to the front of her climbing harness. Then, without consulting her, he capped the other end to his own harness and began to pull. She maintains that Lopsang hauled her up the slope very much against her wishes. Which begs a question: why didn’t she simply unfasten the three-foot tether connecting her to Lopsang, which would have required nothing more than reaching up and unclipping a single carabiner?

Moving on…)

Wow, today’s campaign kickoff for the Ed Lee for Mayor campaign, a Rose Pak /Willie Brown joint, went off without a hitch, with yellow-shirted “Ed Heads” heading off in all directions to gather signatures.

See? Hundreds and hundreds there were, it seemed:

Click to expand

Now, is Edwin Lee into the leather scene, on this day before Pride 2011? Oh hells yes, apparently. Taste the rainbow:

And look who’s outside? It’s the leaders of the Ed Lee for Mayor campaign! See them?

Here’s a peek from the sidewalk of Mission Street through the open door. It was packed, baby:

And check it, it’s San Francisco Chronicle reporter* Rose Pak having a chat with Phil Matier. Oh hey, he’s a reporter too!

Oh, here’s what she had to say:

“‘Pretty good, eh?’ Pak said, pointing to the overflow crowd that spilled out onto the sidewalk.”

Leave us depart – almost seemed as if the volunteers were eager to hit the road. (Truth be told, there was no room inside for them to hear the nobodies who were addressing the crowd.)

Step aside Leland Yee, this race has a new front runner!

*Oops, I meant former San Francisco Chronicle reporter….

The Lonely Workers of the Renegade Edwin Lee for Mayor Campaign – Plus Ed Lee Ephemera, Already!

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Do you know these people?

I do, sort of. Anyway, I couldn’t get a thumbs-up from them or anything like that yesterday as they were preparing for today’s big Ed Lee for Mayor 2012-2020 campaign kickoff at South Van Ness and Mission.

(Frankly, they seemed, I don’t know, a little auspicious of me.)

Click to expand

And, I’ll tell you, I’ve seen a lot of campaigns, and, usually, campaign workers are a lot more, I don’t know, cheery.

Oh well.

Anyway, don’t miss out on your chance to collect Run Ed Run! (tambien conocido como Postule Ed, Postule!) ephemera while you can.

Now, which do you prefer?

Happy Ed?

Or angry Ed?

Again: Better A….

or B?

Is being Mayor of San Francisco like being in an Amway pyramid scheme?

You know, Mayor Willie Brown gets reelected easily (back in the 1990’s this was) and then appoints Gavin Newsom, who gets reelected easily, and then appoints Edwin Lee, who gets reelected easily, and then, in 2019, appoints _____, who gets reelected easily, and then…

It Begins: Edwin Lee, Mayor 2011-2020 – Now Up and Running: RunEdRun.Org and Run-Ed-Run.Org

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Take your pick from these two four-day-old websites:



(Paid for by Progress For All, FPPC 1338720, apparently.)

Now, is this brand new sign official Ed Lee for Mayor 2012-2016 campaign literature?

Via The Tens (Paid for by the Alliance for an Adorable Mayor)

Probably not.

Probably not yet, anyway.

But what about this, is this official campaign literature?

Straight outta Brunswick, ME and the 510, Mayor Ed Lee patrols San Francisco airspace, on the lookout for those who would poach our famous tech companies:

Click to expand, go ahead – it won’t bite

Probably not.

Probably not, ever.

But can you imagine how thrilled the business community in San Francisco would be with eight years of Edwin Lee as Mayor?

Ed Lee is:

1. Already Mayor;

2. A tax cutter already;

3. 30-50 IQ points ahead of his predecessor; and

4. Baggagefree!

But, Only Time Will Tell…

Does Matt Gonzalez Want to “Defeat Pelosi Now?” – Rally for John Dennis in Civic Center Sept 4th

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Steve Rhodes has all the deets about this rally coming to town, the one that features Ron Paul, Matt Gonzalez and some Republican guy going after Nancy Pelosi’s job.

Now, after the rally, you’ll have three events to choose from. Shall it be:

The Cocktail Hour at $150;

The Exclusive Dinner at $1000; or

The West Coast Liberty Party at $25?

I’ve got to say that this one’s a shocker.

See you there?

Here are ever more deets, via Steve Rhodes:

Click to expand

MoveOnaPalooza Coming May 4th – Rabbi Michael Lerner and Matt Gonzalez to Star

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Look out, lobbyists. It’s on:

“On Tuesday, May 4th, local residents of San Francisco will hold a community forum hosted by at the San Francisco Public Library’s Koret Auditorium, 6:00 PM. Speakers like politician Matt Gonzalez, author/editor Rabbi Michael Lerner, and  activist and lawyer Peter Gabel will help bring together local citizens and activists concerned about the influence of big corporations and lobbyists in Washington.”

Sticking it to the Man, as they did it on May 4, 1919:

All the deets:

Local Forum to Tackle Problem of Corporations and Lobbyists. San Francisco residents gather to discuss how to make Washington work for regular San Franciscans, not the top two percent of corporate lobbyists and CEOs

On Tuesday, May 4th, local residents of San Francisco will hold a community forum hosted by at the San Francisco Public Library’s Koret Auditorium, 6:00pm. Speakers like politician Matt Gonzalez, author/editor Rabbi Michael Lerner, and  activist and lawyer Peter Gabel will help bring together local citizens and activists concerned about the influence of big corporations and lobbyists in Washington. Attendees will then discuss what can be done to rein in the growing influence of big corporations and lobbyists in our democracy.

“Our economy is in crisis, and people here in San Francisco are struggling. Meanwhile big corporations and CEOs continue to spend hundreds of millions lobbying to advance their own interests at the expense of the public,” said Christophe Schuhmann, a local MoveOn member. “We’re here today to talk about how we can make our democracy work for the 98 percent of us who don’t have high-paid lobbyists representing us in Washington.” 

WHAT:  Community Forum on Fighting Corporate Control
WHO:     MoveOn Members
WHERE:  100 Larkin St. (@ Grove)
WHEN:   6:00pm, May 4th, 2010 Political Action is a political action committee powered by 5 million progressive Americans. We believe in the power of small donors and grassroots action to elect progressive leaders to office and to advance a progressive agenda. We do not accept any donations over $5,000, and the average donation to Political Action is under $100.

White House Hopefuls Ralph Nader & Matt Gonzalez in Town Sunday

Friday, May 9th, 2008

White House hopefuls and famous Greens Ralph Nader & Matt Gonzalez didn’t really participate in this Green Party debate at the Herbst Theater earlier in the year but, oddly enough, they’re in the presidential race anyway. As independents.


Come visit San Francisco’s favorite Ivy Leaguers, if you want. Sunday Sunday Sunday! May 11th. 

Let’s start Mother’s Day at a bar:

[..] meet our independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader, his VP running mate local badass Matt Gonzalez, and the legendary Jello Biafra AT OUR HOME BAR this Sunday morning.  Max’s 540 Club, 540 Clement Street (between 6th and 7th ave) Sunday, May 11, 11am (we will be opening at 9am) 

And let’s finish in the Mission District:

Sunday May 11th 7pm
Ralph Nader & Matt Gonzalez Rally
Roxie Theater
3117 16th Street San Francisco, CA 94103
$10 contribution/ $5 student/low-income (no one turned away)
More Info Call -(510) 914-8355 or  

See you there!

[This item altered to reflect the reality that the Green Party hasn’t yet decided on their ticket. Ralph is managing to win as a Green in a few regional votes this year regardless.]

Hundreds and Hundreds Protest Against the War in San Francisco

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Both Senator Carole Migden and activist Sean Penn were scheduled to appear at the peace vigil yesterday to mark the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq. Migden spoke to the crowd, as did Cindy Sheehan and Matt Gonzalez, but Penn might not have made it due to production of the Milk movie.


It was a sell-out crowd, so organizers had to turn people away. There’ll be other chances this week, as the official fifth year anniversary of the war is March 19.

Update: You may find a complete account of the affair over at the CrackBerry Chronicles on Fog City Journal. Famous videographer Josh Wolf brought his you-know-what to record video of all the speakers. Bonus. Check it out.