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“The Castro Arsons: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know” – 22 Minute Video with SFFD Battalion Chief Dennis Sutter

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Hard-working San Franciscan MattyMatt has just posted “The Castro Arsons: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know” on the YouTube.

Check it.

Also in the news is this bit from Jennifer Gollan:

Temporary Housing Plan Would Help Distressed Renters

Stay safe.

A New Website: It’s “Briefy,” Insta-News From Around the San Francisco Bay Area

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Well, it’s been extant a week already, but I only saw it just this morning – it’s a new San Francisco Bay Area news website called Briefy.

Writer Jackson West, for one, is a big fan. Now, check out this video manifesto from MattyMatt:

“Briefy’s a brand new newswire for the SF Bay Area. A short roundup of the top news headlines of the day, it gets you all caught up in under ten seconds.”

Check it, you get links and a nifty Picture of the Day, like this one: 

via Code Poet

Anyway, here’s what it looks like:


Bon Courage, Briefy!

Congratulations to N Judah Chronicles on Its Fourth Anniversary!

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Who turned out to mark the fourth birthday of the famous N Judah Chronicles in the prideful Inner Sunset district last night? Well, how about Matt Baume of Curbed SF and Sweet Melissa Griffin and Beth Spotswood and the Heinekin Girls and even chief MUNI flack Judson True (hey, let’s all hope lying about CultureBus pays more than telling the truth about CultureBus, ’cause telling the truth about the CB don’t pay a whit) and a host of others too numerous to enumerate.

Here’s NJC’s grand poobah Greg Dewar addressing the crowd last night on Irving Street near 9th Avenue at the Blackthorn Tavern. Chanted the mob,“Four more years!”

IMG_8684 copy

Click to expand:

IMG_8672 copy

And here’s the NJ itself,  just a stone’s throw away from the party, rolling along in the wind and fog.