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SFMR11: Oh, So There’s the Campaign HQ of Mayoral Wanabee Joanna Rees – Is She the NIMBYs’ Candidate?

Monday, March 7th, 2011

“A MAYOR for our NEIGHBORHOODS.” Really? Boy, that has a NIMBYish tone, non?

Anyway, appears as if Candidate for Mayor Joanna Rees has placed her HQ in the Avenues out in the West Bay – let’s call it the Inner Richmond on Geary, IIRC.

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Oh, here she is. Not a bad website. S’pose they’re still in “Who Is Joanna” mode…

(Now, when oh when are two second-tier candidates going to take advantage of the new RCV system by Going Gemini, by pairing up? I know that political consultants wouldn’t benefit from this kind of approach, but the candidates themselves might. I’m talking:

A: “I urge you to cast a vote for B.”

B: “I, similarly, urge you to cast a vote for A.”


Bon Courage, Joanna Rees!