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Once Again, Rec and Park Fails to Honor Donald Trump on Its Annual Christmas Train in Golden Gate Park – But 2008, Well, That was a Different Story

Friday, December 1st, 2017

2017: A hippie-influenced Love Train theme this year:

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The very same train, 2008: An Obamarama, to honor Barack Obama’s election victory the month afore:


I don’t think we’ll see a Trump either next year, for one reason or another.

And actually, I think the Obama display on public land was remarked upon at the time, by Mssrs. Matier & Ross, for two, and I also think that RPD has enough institutional memory to remember that they administer public land…

President Barack Obama Replaced by Elderly White Man on Rec and Park’s Official Holiday Train

Friday, December 12th, 2014

When President Barack Obama was a more popular,* he made the grade in Golden Gate Park:

It was a thing.

But now, he’s been replaced. As seen in December 2014:

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Oh well.

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Actually, I was surprised to see both Obama and Father Christmas on official gov’mint display in Golden Gate Park.

Who will be honored next year…?

*I remember this at Civic Center. The “Hillary People” had some unkind things to say, but it was a real big deal, a memorable event

“San Francisco City Family” Union Lawyer Vince Courtney Threatens YouTube and Vimeo Over This Video?

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Well, let’s see, the last time I checked into this incident in Golden Gate Park from 2010 involving union lawyer Vince Courtney was this:

Embarassed San Francisco Lawyer Requests and Gets a YouTube Takedown, To No Avail

But recently, like this month, Vimeo too, has acted, so, once again, you couldn’t see what occurred on your PC or whatever.

But now, look what just popped up on the YouTube:

Encounter with Vince Courtney, Part Two

IMO, back then and now, lawyer Vince Courtney got outfoxed* by a layperson.**

But You Make The Call:

I don’t know, if I were a certain attorney, I’d let sleeping dogs lie.

But that’s just me…

*I can explain to you how “street mediation” works, you know, when conducted by peace officers in this kind of situation. Could this lawyer have been arrested? I don’t know. But he seemed afraid of something. 

**I mean, he just pushed and pushed until he got the most he could possibly get, and he got it all recorded, and then posted it for tout le monde to see. That’s called advocacy.

Ride Your Bike to all of San Francisco’s Parks on Official BikePark Tours

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

Hey, the latest schedule is up so there’s nothing stopping you from heading on over to the McLaren Lodge (near Haight Ashbury) in Golden Gate Park and joining a ride led by San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department interim General manager Jared Blumenfeld.

What’s that? You don’t like the bikes? Well then do what Barack Obama wants and become a Recs and Park volunteer. Either way. And there’s nothing stopping you from walking or riding  along the paths they’ve already chosen – check out this schedule from last year.

Straight shooter Jared Blumenfeld (on the right, in green) at the start of a ride last month. When he’s not scoring points with the Neighborhood Parks Couuncil and/or earning demerits from Ken Garcia he’s leading bike tours of the City. But somebody needs to give him a longer chain for his bike (or he needs to change his shifting technique, either way) as his poor derailleur appears to be crying out for help.

Click to expand

See you there! 

On the Road with Jared Blumenfeld

Jared Blumenfeld, who recently took the helm at the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, will launch a bicycle tour of 220 of the city’s parks beginning Monday, November 3, 2008. Blumenfeld, who is also the director of the city’s Department of the Environment, will highlight the ease of getting around to the city’s green spaces via driving alternatives.

Blumenfeld will visit the parks over the course of the next two months (weather permitting), covering more than 364 miles along the way. On Monday, Day One of the tour will begin at 8:30 a.m. at McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park and will include stops at Fulton Playground, Cabrillo Playground, the Golden Gate Park Golf Course and the Balboa Natural Area.

Members of the public will be able to follow Blumenfeld’s trek online via daily updates and schedules, available at or they can meet Blumenfeld in person at the various park stops on his daily route.

“This is an ideal opportunity to showcase our parks and demonstrate how close and accessible these sites are to everyone,” said Blumenfeld. “It’s also an opportunity for me to get to know our parks and the people who use and work in them each and every day.”

Blumenfeld’s effort was lauded by local organizations, including the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC) and the Neighborhood Parks Council (NPC). “We appreciate the importance of making our city’s wonderful green spaces more accessible by the greenest form of transportation,” says Leah Shahum, Executive Director of the 9,500-member SFBC. “We hope that many San Franciscans will follow Director Blumenfeld’s example of rediscovering the beauty of our park system, while also rediscovering the joy of bicycling.”

Isabel Wade, NPC director, agreed. “We are thrilled that the RPD General Manager is going to visit all of our park properties and meet with park advocates along the way,” said. “This will reinforce with department management that getting into our parks and hearing what the community and the line staff have to say is an essential part of maintaining a great park system.”

For more information, call the Recreation and Park Department’s Public Information Office at (415) 831-2782.

Even More Obama Iconography in Golden Gate Park

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

What a difference a day makes. It seems Pikachu Pokemon is out and Barack Obama is in on the giant train under the living Christmas Tree at Golden Gate Park’s McLaren Lodge.

Tomorrow’s tree lighting should be more special because of Him.