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Know Your Corporate Buses, You Know, Because SFMTA MUNI DPT Sucks: Genentech and Google San Bruno

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Here’s Genentech in its current can’t miss-it-livery with the DNA or the RNA or what have you.

Boy, what do you think the area transit foamers did after they saw this design for the first time?  

Click to expand

And here’s the rare Google Bus what doesn’t go to Mountain View – it was labeled SBO-SFO, I assume because it goes to the YouTube facility in the part of San Bruno what didn’t get blown up by PG&E:

I was surprised to see the Genentech bus appear to maneuver to drop off just one employee.

What other big local outfits drive interstate-type buses about the 415? Apple? That’s the only one I can think of.

Keep on keeping on, our corporate overlords…

San Francisco Inline Marathon – World Champions Compete in Golden Gate Park

Monday, May 5th, 2008

Inline Speed Skating – it’s an actual sport. This was the scene yesterday in GGP, where speedy skaters managed not to kill any babies in strollers. (How’s that, NIMBY’s?)

Read all about it.

Competitors tended to bunch up into clumps on the straights and then stretch out into a line in the high-speed turns. Click to enlarge:


A sprint to the finish line. Wouter Hebbrecht managed to hold off this group and attain second place.


Nastassia Hamor, in blue, gets a chance to rest while slowing down for a hairpin turn. She came in fourth place:


Top Finishers:


  1. Joey Mantia 1:15:40.183
  2. Wouter Hebbrecht
  3. Brian Talley
  4. Donnie Beck
  5. Adam Miller


  1. Sara Sayasane 1:27:33.345
  2. Helen Havam
  3. Peggy Girgenti
  4. Nastassia Hamor
  5. Mechelle Busby 

See you next year!