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Hilarious: Volvo Station-Wagon Owner Mocks Ferrari with Fighting Moose Fender Badge

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

[UPDATE: All this makes writer Mickey Kaus wonder if #TheyHaveMooseInChina?]

Do you prefer the original?

Or the parody, as recently seen on Fulton Street?

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Now that’s a moose and a Volvo pilot with attitude.

I feel we should rastafy him by … ten percent or so.”

Barbara Boxer Replaced by Cardboard Box at Today’s Debate with BlogFather Mickey Kaus

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

[UPDATE: Turns out that this stentorial senatorial debate wasn’t the only fuss about town on May 25, 2010. Richard Parks has the deets of protestors “greeting” President Barack Obama high atop Nob Hill yesterday.]

Contrarian BlogFather Mickey Kaus brought his windmill-tilting campaign for the U.S. Senate to San Francisco today. But the problem was that, as expected, Senator Barbara Boxer didn’t show up to debate him at the Holiday Inn on Van Ness this afternoon.

So Mickey propped a box up on an empty lectern and referred to it as “ma’am.” At which point, a mop-topped college-boy aide used a Dell Inspiron Mini 10 netbook to play the audio track of the now-famous “Could You Say Senator Instead of Ma’am?” bit .

Senator Box (D-CA ) collapsing under cross this afternoon:

Via the generous Stephen Kaus at the aptly-named stephen kaus weblog out of Berkeley, CA.

The mise-en-scene:

In other news, Barack Obama is coming to town this afternoon to host a fundraiser for Senator Boxer. Oh well.

What’s the point of Mickey’s run?

Find out here, if you want.

ObamaNos T-Shirts at CA Democratic Convention – Kaus Nightmare

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Godfather of Blogging and longtime Slatester Mickey Kaus probably wouldn’t want to see this latest pro-Obama T-shirt being sported by attendees at the 2008 Democratic Party State Convention.

Why’s that? Well, because it truncates the northern half of the continental U.S. and associates the southern U.S with Latin America. Kind of an Aztlán thing. That’s why.

Getting into demographics, Barack is doing well with African Americans, of course, as well as enthusiastic white people and Asian Americans, but some of the folks with roots in the areas the t-shirt map purports to show don’t cotton to him all that much so far. Obamanos is a clever phrase designed to help Barack with the latino demo.

 It can’t hurt.

The entire mise-en-scene, after the jump.