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Martin Luther King Breakfast at San Francisco Hilton a Huge Success

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

There’s been a lot of news today, but yesterday saw the the 24th Annual  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Labor and Community Breakfast at the San Francisco Hilton. This year’s effort didn’t have as many big names as in years past because of the Great Migration from the Bay Area to Washington D.C. to see the Barack Obama Inaugural. And it appears that the scheduled headliner, rock star and State Controller John Chiang, couldn’t make it either. But on with the show.

M.C. Millard Larkin II, President of the MLK Civic Committee and CEO of Alanique Consultants, introduced newly-installed Senator Mark Leno, who talked about the latest budget crisis negotiations. He reported that the Republicans in Sacramento, for the first time, agree that the State of California has a “revenue problem,” meaning that they now understand that new sources of money will have to be found. The Repubs want to get a hold of “$7 billion in Proposition 63 funds and billions more in Proposition 10 funds” to use this money for other purposes. Senator Leno pointed out that “you don’t grab other peoples’ money [OPM], if you don’t have a revenue problem.”

Does that mean that the Republicans will, whether or not they admit it in so many words right now, vote for new taxes? We’ll see. Click to expand:

Assemblymember Tom Ammiano spoke and, well you know Examiner City Hall Examiner and legal commentator Sweet Melissa Griffin was there as well and her valuable Moleskine notebook has the same quotes as mine, so let’s let her take over for a bit: 

“‘Assemblyman Ammiano spoke and started right in, basically saying, ‘A lot of people have been asking me where I’m gonna live in Sacramento. Well the Governor helped me find a place with a nice Mormon family.”‘Then, discussing the potential statewide cuts to social services this year said ‘There are two ‘girlie men’ up there [in Sacramento] now– the Senator [openly gay Mark Leno] and Assemblymember [gayer than gay Ammiano] and we are not going to let this happen!'”

What’s this? It’s the San Francisco Junior ROTC Color Guard – they’re Everywhere You Want To Be, at least for now.

And former SupervisorAssemblymemberSenator Carole Migden was on hand to give a short stemwinder about international development in Africa, which earned more than a few amens from the crowd.

So there you have it, as much of this event as the Sandman would allow.

See you next year.