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Apartment Complex Bike Room Showdown: ParkMerced vs. Presidio Landmark – One is Heaven, One is Hell

Friday, August 5th, 2011

(IMO, poorly-rated ParkMerced (The Mistake By The Lake) should be razed to the ground and replaced with more normal and higher density housing, and that’s pretty much what’s going to happen, sooner or later, so that’s good.)

Don’t get me started about the basements of the high-rise apartments at ParkMerced, and the people living down there (granted, this was a few years back) on mattresses and stealing electricity, and stealing your panties (just panties, thank you, nothing else) from the driers, and stealing bikes, bike parts, etc.*

Storing your bikes in the catacombs of PM, well that’s like crossing the river Styx and entering Bicycle Hell, or at least that’s my impression. As stated, IMO, the buildings of ParkMerced, well, They Should All Be Destroyed.

But what’s this, there’s a dedicated Bike Room at the Presidio Landmark Apartments and here’s what it looks like ?

OMG, it’s Bicycle Heaven!

AHL – click to expand

(Put this setup in the basement of Park Merced and then the Park handtools would be gone in an hour and the expensive tool chest would be on craigslist the next day.)

So this is where your money goes, on stuff like this, when you pay rent at the PLA.


*Uh, Legal, can we get a an approved stamp, you know, on possible defamation issues?



Why Are We Even Thinking About Not Rebuilding ParkMerced? Build It and They Will Come

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Let’s get going on this ParkMerced deal, post-haste and forthwith.

No more jibber-jabber.

The Mistake by the Lake can and will be fixed, make it so.

Hey, what would the 415 look like if it were actually a dense city with more than a million people? Something like this with the new ParkMerced on the left, Mount Tam in the distance, and all the name-brand San Francisco neighborhoods off to the right. Looking North towards a possible Future:

Click to expand

(This is actually one of those -king cities in China – Nanking, Nanjiang, Chunking, Southern Capital, some kind of capital in the middle south, I forget. Wiki is using Chinese characters now and if there’s one thing that old-school ACDSee doesn’t like, it’s Chinese characters. Personally, I think ideographs and Cyrillic letters should stay out of URL bars and jpg titles for a while, but lots of people in the Old World disagree with that, of course.)