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OMG Food Trucks! San Francisco’s Official “Mobile Food Facilities” Town Hall Meeting is Coming February 25th

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

The BOMA has all the deets:

“The SFDPW will hold a Mobile Food Town Hall to address any concerns regarding the Mobile Food Facilities Ordinance on February 25, 2011 at 1 South Van Ness Avenue, Atrium Conference Room”

Well, maybe not all the deets, like the time it will start, but that’s OK, we’ll get that situated soon ‘nough. Just mark you calendars at this point.

What’s it like to step out of your tired, struggling, old-school bricks-and-mortar lunch spot with six idle employees and one customer at 11:30 AM to see a regular hirugohan phenomenon? It  looks just like this, as seen on Mission:

Click to expand

In other news, horrible Alison Rowe of struggling, poorly-rated (relatively – we can get into that if you want, but probably you don’t want to do that) Harvest & Rowe, you know, that place what looks like a sleepy bank lobby most of the time, has won her crazy battle against the harmless Japacurry food truck.

Oh well.

(But sometimes you win the battle and then lose the war. We’ll see.)

Anyway, I’ll post the time of the Town Hall when I figure it out.