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Refreshing RocketBoat Adds Some Needed Color to San Francisco Bay – 2010 Season is On

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Of course, some people* don’t like you, RocketBoat, but I do. You add color to the bay. You complete me, RB. Thanks for coming back in 2010.

Get all the deets on the Rocket Boat here from sailboat-hating Ken Garcia.  And take a look at the action on YouTube. RocketBoat just might rock your world. Check it:

Came back for a 2nd round and this time we had a party of 7 go on the Rocketboat. That boat kicks ass. It goes about 45 mph and the driver loves to spin donuts.”


Now, we’ve all heard the expression “let’s get busy.” Well, this is a boat who gets “biz-zay!” Consistently and thoroughly. Look at RB totally pwning a local yachtsman just the other day:

Click to expand

Even “smart chicks” love the RocketBoat. You will too.

Get all the deets after the jump.

See you there!

*Local sailboat people disapprove of motor vessels in general, and RocktBoat in particular. RocketBoat, RocketBoat/ It’s not your fault.


Tiny Moppets Will Say Anything to Stop LBAM Spraying in San Francisco

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

San Francisco had a large rally yesterday on the steps of City Hall, sponsored by Play Not Spray. Kids and their parents aren’t satisfied with Governor Arnold Schwazenegger’s delay of Light Brown Apple Moth spraying in the Bay Area – they want the whole shebang cancelled.

It seems the majority of people in San Francisco would prefer to deal with the LBAM itself rather than with the effects of eradication. Many feel the cure is worse than the disease.

(Another benefit of cancelling eradication is that indescribable videos like this will stop getting made.)

To Be Continued…

You don’t need to Say Anything to get your point across about LBAM spraying: