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We DON’T Need An EIR Before Utility Boxes Are Installed – Welcoming AT&T U-Verse Service to the 415, At Long Last

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Get up to speed on the U-Verse issue right here and Fog City Journal has coverage of yesterday’s rally at City Hall right here.

Oh, look, yet another “utility box” on the sidewalks of San Francisco. But, kell domaje, it’s covered in graffiti. Let’s solve this problem by cancelling mail service to the 415 – does that make sense?

Via Don BeetleDick

Now, let’s hear from the West Bay:

“My final words to SF Beautiful. Keep your hands off the neighborhoods of others. You don’t speak for us. We can speak for ourselves.”

Harsh. Now, I’m not sure how real a group the Ocean Beach Condominiums Homeowners Association is, but you can only get Comcast or dial-up internet out there near the ocean? Wow. Those poor devils, poor poor devils.

And, generally, do young people like judgmental homeowners associations? Apparently. (You mock twisted copper into the home? All right, but some people would like that. Deal with it. Who is stepping up for Fiber Into the Home or whatever they call it? Who is going to pay for that? Oh well, in the meantime, we’ll have AT&T as another choice.)

Anyway, appears as if those AT&T boxes will get approved today at the Board of Supes, but that will come with the chance that your neighbors will still say neigh and you won’t be able to get U-Verse after all.

Consider that a partial victory for Progress.

The End of the Comcast Monopoly Might Begin Today at 4:00 PM – Boo, Comcast! – Hurray, Free Infrastructure from AT&T!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Comcast sucks, right? (1.9 million results can’t be wrong.)

And Comcast’s monopoly in the 415 is part of the reason why.

Anyway, I’ve said my piece, but here’s the punto de vista from today’s Melissa Griffin, let’s throw that in as well.

These boxes are about as boxy as your boxy little houses, NIMBY’s. (The place where you happen to rest your head at night, that doesn’t define who you are, does it? It shouldn’t, anyway.)

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Now myself, well I have rabbit ears and a broke-down govmint digital cable box what gets channels  2 and 4 and a few others, occasionally, so I won’t won’t be signing up for the AT&T U-Verse myself. But doesn’t San Francisco deserve 21st connectivity?

I tink so.

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