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Any Traffic Issue can be Solved with MORE CONES – If Troubles Persist, Simply Add MORE CONES

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016


Eight is Enough: Area Man Pushes the Limits of Dog-Walking in the Presidio

Monday, April 18th, 2016

But if he has his dog walking license (and all these Frisco pooches are registered, which is unlikely but whatever), then this spectacle is Nice And Legal, AFAIK.

7J7C4801 copy

(As you can see, at least one tourist at the Broadway Gate thought this scene was noteworthy enough.)

Have fun, pooches!

Drivers at Fell and Masonic Need to be More Aggressive Heading North and Less Heading South

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Allow me to explain, Gentle Reader.

This driver’s heading south on Masonic. See what s/he did? S/he “blocked the box” because of carelessness. You gotta look ahead to see if the intersection will clear by the time your light turns red. It’s Da Law. This is what I mean when I say too aggressive.

On the other hand, drivers heading north on Masonic sometimes want to turn left onto Fell. Sometimes these people don’t commit to making the turn by entering the intersection. Instead, they hang back by the crosswalk about 40 feet from where they should be, srlsy. Ppl, you gotta commit to the turn, you gotta be more aggressive.



An Oldie But a Goodie: The Store Formerly Known as “T&A Market” on Market Outlasts an Actual T&A Market Next Door

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Click here to see how things were in 2010, before the time certain people realized the meaning of “T & A.”

And this is how things are today in 2013:

Click to expand

You gotta figure the world-famous Market Street Cinema isn’t coming back anytime soon considering its URL has been sold off.

And I worry.

I worry about Mercedes, Porsche, Lexus, and Ferrari, among others.

How will they pay for business school now?

“14 reviewsRating Details

Category: Adult Entertainment  [Edit]

1077 Market St
(between Jones St & Golden Gate Ave) 
San Francisco, CA 94103
Neighborhood: SoMa

(415) 861-2727

What we found out was, as long as you drop a lot of cash, ANYTHING goes in this place. ANYTHING. Once you’re in the “Members Only Lounge”, it’s a whole new world. Yup, Chris Rock obviously had never been to Market Street Cinema, because…yeah. Even the stripper was real with us, she was like, “You can call this a whorehouse, or a party house, or whatever, but guys come in here and spend thousands of dollars, so, we’re still here.” I doesn’t get more real than that.

San Francisco Needs Way More Taxi Cabs on the Street, Wednesday Through Saturday Evenings, Anyway

Friday, August 5th, 2011

That’s why we have so many illegal Town Cars drivers plying the streets, you know, they’re filling the void.

As seen at 555 California, the Bank of America Building:

Click to expand

Does any other city in America have a taxi situation like San Francisco’s?

No, not at all.

We need more.*


Adding 500 part time medallions would be a good start…

*Adding just 35 or 85 or whatever, that’s not going to cut it, pardner.

Study from San Francisco Firm Shows Hybrid Drivers Violate Laws and Crash More Than Average Drivers

Monday, October 11th, 2010

San Francisco’s very own “auto insurance analytics company” down there at 388 Market Street, Quality Planning, thinks you drivers of gas-electric hybrid vehicles have issues. They’re saying stuff like, “Hybrid drivers show shameful lack of social responsibility.”


Try this on for size:

“Studies by auto insurance analytics company Quality Planning, collision publication “Mitchell Industry Trends Report” and the Highway Data Loss Institute found that:

Hybrid owners drive 25 percent more miles than owners of gas-powered cars.

Hybrid owners receive almost two-thirds more traffic citations per mile than their all-gas counterparts.

Hybrids are involved in more collisions than non-hybrids

Who knew the Toyota Prius can be as dangerous as its design inspiration, the deadly triggerfish?

Check out that article and see what you think. (And try not to chuckle when you read the Honda CBR rider’s comment about Priuseses…)

Jesse Jackson’s National Transit Roadshow Arrives Con Brio, Sans Jesse

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Well, this is what was promised for today’s noontime transit worker rally at the Old Federal Building on Golden Gate and Polk:

Turns out that Jesse didn’t show. (Here’s what you would have seen and heard.) 

But a couple-hundred or so transit workers and allies were on hand at the plaza in front of Big Blue:

And here’s how they got there. How apropropriate!

Here’s who was there. I see District 9 San Francisco Supervisor David Campos, San Francisco Labor Council Executive Director Tim Paulson, and TWU 250-a Union President Irwin Lum, for starters: 

Are riders and drivers really united? Not that I can see, not in San Francisco. I’m mean, I’m sure that all involved would like Uncle Sucker to rain cash down upon the City, but beyond that, there’s not much uniting these groups. It would be nice to cancel the already-useless Central Subway and use the extra billion (or two or three) that that would free up to pay for transit people are using today, but the system doesn’t work that way, obviously. Oh well.  

Here’s a take from Greg Dewar at the N Judah Chronicles.

On It Goes:

Anyway, here’s the spiel:

“Transit service cuts, fare hikes and layoffs affect millions of Americans every day. You can help save transit and counteract the nation-wide transit crisis by rallying with the Save Our Ride alliance.

Save Our Ride was formed by the Transport Workers Union, Amalgamated Transit Union and Reverend Jesse Jackson to raise awareness of the transit crisis and to rally for the passage of transit bills that will allow flexibility of federal aid for transit. The alliance is an advocate for more affordable and efficient transit systems, better air quality and a greener future for America.

You can download the full press release here.

Come show your support:

June 29, San Francisco: Noon, Federal Building on Golden Gate Bridge

July 1, Sacramento: Noon, Federal Building, 501 I street

July 7, Houston: 11 am, Mickey Leland Federal Building, 1919 Smith Street

July 9, Miami: 2 pm, Government Center Building

Download the San Francisco flyer here.

Speakers to include: James C. Little, President International TWU; Harry Lombardo, TWU Executive Vice President; Warren George, President of International ATU; Reverend Jesse Jackson, Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Other speakers will include TWU and ATU local leadership, legislators, community and civil rights groups, riders who are suffering from service cuts and increased fares. (speakers subject to change)

Stay tuned to and for speaker announcements and more information as the rallies approach.

The reason your fares have increased and your service has been cut is because the federal government has neglected transit for decades and the country’s on-going economic struggle that has slashed transit revenues has pushed transportation systems into their own crises.

“We can not allow our transit systems to crumble from financial neglect,” said President James C. Little. “We must work together to tell the federal government the neglect must stop.”

Federal subsidies to our country’s largest transportation systems do not allow enough flexibility for operating costs. So transit systems can use federal funds to buy news trains and buses (capital expenses), but not to pay the operators. If your bus doesn’t have an operator, you are not going to get to work on time.

Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-MO), and Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), have proposed bills, H.R.2746and S3189, that would allow transit agencies to flex funding to suit local needs. Also, eight senators from the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee introduced a bill, S. 3412, to authorize emergency funding for transit agencies to help reverse fare increases and service cuts.

This legislation will help to save our transit systems, provide thousands of green transit jobs, and keep transportation affordable. If you take the bus, train, subway or streetcar to work and use public transportation to send your children to school and if you want to work towards a cleaner environment, less congested streets and green jobs, then come share your story and your voice and Save Our Ride!

Twitter Shootout – Are Gavin Newsom’s Tweets More Useful Than a Common Squirrel’s?

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Who has the more useful Tweets out there? Is it San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, with hundreds of thousands of Followers, or is it Common Squirrel, with an amazing 2,115 Updates already and thousands of Followers as well. Some feel the squirrel’s pithy postings are the “best thing to follow on Twitter.”

Let’s take a look and make a head-to-head comparison. First up is the prolific common_squirrel, click to expand: 

And here is Gavin Newsom’s effort, selected randomly:

By the Numbers, the Twitter Shootout:

1. Isn’t it _Tom Ammiano‘s_ Universal Health Care Program? Yes it is. +1 for Squirrel.

2. This entry conjures up the famous City Hall marriages a half-decade back. A timely posting of news. +1 for Gavin.

3. “If you are in D.C.” – that’s a big if, in’nt it? Nevertheless, this could be useful info for a few. Squirrel is going to need to pick up his/her game – ’cause merely relying on the other side to fail isn’t necessarily a winning strategy. +1 for Gavin.

4. Drawing attention to being on national TV – that’s a fair Tweet. +1 for Gavin.

5. Denying Miss California USA (people always leave out that “USA” part) her due, really? The People Have Spoken, so the only appropriate response is to have your people contact her people and book an agreeable date +1 for Squirrel.

6. OTOH, using Twitter to conduct the poll itself is a GUOT (Good Use of Twitter). +1 for Gavin.

7. See #6 Above. +1 for Gavin.

8. Does Shai Agassi really believe he’s going to save the world with his “battery replacement scheme?” His sweeping statements are redolent of Charlie Manson’s as well as other charismatic, messianic leaders’. Refreshingly, Squirrel lacks certainty that A Better Place is the only Path to the Future. Shouldn’t we save taxpayers dollars for more useful things, like subsidizing the real estate industry? A big +1 for Squirrel.

9. Again with teh Agassi? +1 for Squirrel.

10. Are 385,000 Followers really reading this message for just one person? All right, if that’s how Twitter works, that’s how it works. +1 for Gavin.

11. Again with teh Agassi? +1 for Squirrel.

Well, this one was a squeaker, but it appears that Gavin Newsom’s Tweets are more useful than Squirrel’s.

How’s that?