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The Lazy Sunbathers of San Francisco’s Dolores Park

Monday, January 19th, 2009

The lazy (and sometimes slovenly, but things are looking up) sunbathers of San Francisco’s Dolores Park on Martin Luther King Day, 2009.

That global warming is starting to pay off.

Religions fall, children shelled
“children shelled?” That’s all very well
but would you please keep the noise down low?
because you’re waking the lazy sunbathers…

Fixed Gear Bike Riders Have a Tough Time On Hilly Haight Street

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Some fixed gear bike riders have it tough because they don’t have brakes on their bikes. So when they have to stop on the bottom of an incline they need to skid their rear tires. This leaves a loooong skid mark on the pavement, as you can see. 

Take a look at this awesome video here to get the idea. Some rydahs run into trouble though – like Tony here, who was “surprised” to encounter a bus, at a bus stop, on a bus route, in Manhattan.


Let’s be careful out there:

“The EMT said if it wasn’t for my dreads, I would have had a massive concussion

We’ll close with Morrissey’s thoughts on the matter:

“No brakes, I don’t mind.”

The Lazy Sunbathers of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

The Lazy Sunbathers of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach.


Religions fall
Children shelled
“…Children shelled ? That’s all
Very well
, but would you
Please keep the noise
Down low ?
Because you’re waking
The lazy sunbathers …”